D1CE Entertainment drops their lawsuit against YG Entertainment

Woo Jin Young‘s agency, D1CE Entertainment (Happyface Entertainment) wrapped up the lawsuit against YG Entertainment for not debuting the debut line-up of the show ‘MIXNINE‘.

On April 19, D1CE Entertainment stated

“We and the production team of ‘MIXNINE‘ have met several times and talked a lot. We have clearly pointed out a number of problems that have arisen since ‘MIXNINE‘ was filmed and broadcasted, and the producers of ‘MIXNINE’ have acknowledged them and apologized.”

“D1CE Entertainment accepted a sincere apology from the producers of ‘MIXNINE‘ and resolved each other’s misunderstanding peacefully. In addition, we dropped the lawsuit regarding ‘MIXNINE‘ with the will of both companies who wanted the entertainment industry to become healthier in the future.”

“I hope this was a meaningful step to reflect on the meaning of communication and co-prosperity. And I promise we will continue to do our best to do so.”

Translation may contain inaccuracies


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