Kang Daniel’s contract with LM Entertainment has been suspended

On Thursday, Kang Daniels filed a court injunction against LM Entertainemnt.

“The court’s decision to quote an injunction has enabled Kang Daniel to engage in his own entertainment activities.” 

The court concluded that the joint business contract signed by LM Entertainment and a third party on January 28 was a contract for LM Entertainement to transfer most of its exclusive rights to Kang Daniel to a third party, and that since Kang Daniel had not agreed to the contract in advance, the LM Entertainment’s act was not only against the exclusive contract but also destroyed the trust relationship on which the contract was based. 

Furthermore. The court ruled that the exclusive contract between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment was suspended and that the LM Entertainment did not negotiate, sign or demand for entertainment activities in connection with Daniel’s various entertainment activities, nor should they interfere with entertainment activities. 

In response, the court concluded that the core contents are the nature of the joint business contract. The decision was made within two weeks after receiving a letter of recommendation from both sides.

Moreover, Kang Daniel express his gratefulness and thankfulness to his fans who never leaves his side.


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