The Perfect Guide to Busan One Asia Festival (BOF) 2019

If you love K-pop or Korean culture, there are so many reasons to visit Busan. One of the biggest festival in Korea, Busan One Asia Festival will take place from October 19 to October 25 in Busan. The festival is famous for attracting many fans of K-pop from all over the world expressing the Korean culture. You can come and go from Busan if you attend the festival as it will be held all over the city.

Let’s get find out more about Busan One Asia Festival this year!

1. Busan One Asia Festival (BOF) Overview

Busan One Asia Festival is a huge Hallyu event held in Busan every year. It stars the hottest stars of K-pop and other genres. Which means, you can enjoy various Korean cultural contents including K-pop at this festival and get to meet with other fans of Korean cultures.

| Date: October 19 (Sat) ~ October 25 (Fri), 2019 / For seven days

| Place: Hwamyeong Ecology Park / Haeundae Culture Plaza / Busan Cinema Center / F1963

| Events: Performance (K-POP Concerts, Hip Hop Mash-up Concerts, and many more), Fan Meeting, Exhibition & Experience booths, and more!

2. BOF Event Venue

Busan One Asia Festival happens all over Busan and the good news is that getting around in Busan is simple thanks to its public transportation system. Like any other big cities in Korea, you can easily take the metros and buses in Busan. There are five lines for the subway and dense routes for the buses.

3. BOF K-POP Concert

This year, the festival will not have the opening and closing ceremonies. However, there are still lots more concerts and activities prepared for you. Among those, the highlight would be the K-pop concert. It will take place in Hwamyeong Ecological Park, with a great line up for this year. It is better to book the tickets for the concert in advance as they are selling out quick!

Below are the details of the K-pop concert.

| Date: October 19 (Sat), 2019

| Time: 7:00pm

| Place: Busan Hwamyeong Ecological Park

| Line-up: AB6IX, Kim Sejeong, Kim Jae Hwan, ITZY, Ha Sung Woon, and more

| Zone: Trazy Exclusive Standing A & Standing B Zone.

| Tickets: Available at Trazy

 (*Trazy is the official English booking site for Busan One Asia Festival 2019.)

Seating Map

4. Other Performances in BOF 2019

Busan One Asia Festival will go along for a whole week with many performances and experiences other than the K-pop concert. Do note that some of them are free to enter. Check out the programs on BOF and have fun!

  • 1) Hip Hop Mash-up

| Date: October 20 (Sun), 2019

| Place: Busan Cinema Center

| Line-up: Simon Dominic, Punchnello, Hoody, and more

Though the BOF Hip Hop Mash-up is not a free concert, it is the best chance to let yourself move to the rhythms with the most popular hip-hop musicians.

  • 2) Idol Fan Meeting

BOF Idol Fan Meeting is a good opportunity to meet your favorite stars, talk with them, and take some photos together! There will be Idol photo exhibitions, idol goods sharing, and fan meetings at this event.

| Date: October 21 (Mon) ~ 22 (Tue), 2019

| Place: F1963

BOF Idol Fan Meeting is a good opportunity to meet your favorite stars, talk with them, and take some photos together! There will be Idol photo exhibitions, idol goods sharing, and fan meetings at this event.

  • 3) Family Park Concert

| Date: October 25 (Fri), 2019

| Place: Hwamyeong Ecology Park

| Line-up: JBJ95, Lovelyz, Stray Kids, and more

BOF Family Park Concert is a Hallyu concert where many people can come together with music. Enjoy the variety of music styles on BOF!

5. Things to Enjoy Other Than K-Pop at BOF!

  • 1) BOF Land

| Date: October 19 (Sat) ~ 25 (Fri), 2019

| Place: Haeundae Culture Plaza (Gunam-ro, Haeundae)

BOF Land is the main center of the festival where you can learn various kinds of Hallyu content such as performances and cultural experiences.

  • 2) Music Label Contest at BOF

| Date: August. ~ October 20 (Sun), 2019

| Place: Final contest (October 20) is held in BOF Land

Music Label on BOF is an audition program to discover future K-pop artists. Finalists go through initial screenings on videos, the second-round survival contests, the third-round mission contests, and lastly the final contest on BOF Land. Let the competition begin!

  • 3) Made in Busan

| Date: October 19 (Sat) ~ 25 (Fri), 2019 / 4 times a week

| Place: Undecided

Made in Busan will host a variety of shows such as ‘Hyperbolae of Youth’. Shows contain music, dance, and deals with a love story that bloomed during the Korean War. For a better understanding of the contents, note that Busan was once the capital of refuge during the Korean War.

Also, Enjoy the 2019 Busan Fireworks Festival

| Date: November 2 (Sat), 2019

| Place: Busan Gwangalli Beach (between Hotel Aqua Palace & Homers Hotel)

| Tickets: Available at Trazy

In November, Busan becomes a romantic and cheerful city. You should definitely see the Busan Fireworks Festival, the biggest fireworks festival in Asia. This year, the Busan Firework Festival takes place on November 2. Therefore, go ahead and watch fantastic lights after watching all the performances from Busan One Asia Festival.

Gwangalli Beach is frequently visited by visitors. To fully enjoy the festival, book your seats on the beach beforehand and savor the festival at the best spot. You can book your seats at Trazy.

Please visit, the official English booking site for Busan One Asia Festival 2019 and discover and enjoy Busan like never before!

Photo Credit: Busan One Asia Festival 2019

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