Learn how to make Egg Soufflé with Lee Yi Kyung

Let’s do the cooking! Gwaenchana, Gwaenchana It’s very easy. Actor Lee Yi Kyung uploaded a video on his personal YouTube Channel (subscribe now!) of him trying to do the trending Egg Soufflé challenge.

The ingredients are very simple, prepare five eggs, and salt to season. Don’t forget the bowl and whisk that you will be using for mixing.

Separating the egg whites and the yolks is the first step. He used a plastic bottle to separate egg whites and the yolks. Following that, Lee Yi Kyung added salt to the egg yolks first and he beat it.

Ready your wrist and arms for the next step! In a large bowl, beat the egg whites using a whisk, until stiff but not dry and after that add the yolk that you whisked earlier.

For the last step, melt the butter into the pan and pour in the egg whites and egg yolks mixture and cook for three to four minutes or until cooked.

Usually people eats Egg Soufflé with sugar or sugar powder but Lee Yi Kyung ate it with a maple syrup since he liked it the most.

Lee Yi Kyung recommended to try making Egg Soufflé with your friend and family.

Watch the video:

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