“The World of the Married” surpasses “Sky Castle” record for highest drama ratings from cable networks

With 0.55% difference, JTBC’s “The World of the Married” managed to surpassed the highest rating of “Sky Castle.”

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency, the 12th episode of the smash hit drama “The World of the Married” recorded an average viewership rating of 24.33% nationwide.”SKY Castle,” also from JTBC, previously holds the highest ratings in cable network history.

As a result, “The World of the Married” has the highest ratings of all cable network dramas and second in all cable network programs. The highest ratings of all cable network programs was TV Chosun’s Trot audition program “Mr. Trot” with 35.7 percent.

The World of the Married” starring Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon and Han So Hee was based on Doctor Foster that airs every Friday and Saturday.


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