DEVINE Channel unveils teaser for 1st Album ‘BYPRODUCT’ featuring super star line-up EXO’s CHANYEOL, GAEKO, LOOPY, AND MORE!

The teaser video for the long awaited album ‘BYPRODUCT’ by DEVINE Channel has officially been released!

Some of the hottest artists in the industry have come together to take part in this epic three song album produced by renown producer Kei Lim. A veteran in the industry, he’s worked on albums with some of the top artists EXO, BTS, TWICE, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Dynamic Duo and more! A unique producer heavily influenced by hip-hop and Rnb, he’s pushing the boundaries of Korean music by creating music for global audiences through the platform Chordshare.

‘BYPRODUCT’ produced by DEVINE Channel is a three song album, Faded ft. Loopy and CHANYEOL, Makmal ft. Gaeko and Gwangil Jo, and Post It! ft. Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA. Each track was created specifically with these artists in mind and we can feel the retro vibe through the teaser!

This star studded line-up for this three song album is only the beginning of a long line of music on the way and as a treat each song will have a music video to pair! The official release is on September 3rd at 6PM (KST) and will be available on all streaming platforms.  

This is a press release.

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