Here’s how you can Dance like your favorite K-Pop Idols

Ever wanted to learn how to move and groove like your favorite K-Idols? Now you can learn your favorite groups’ signature dance moves at Fanlife. K-Choreographer Vincent Igno and his K-Cover Dance teams at Link Up Production are set to help you achieve K-Idol level dance skills through our unlimited dance workshops that start for only Php 199/month.

Vincent Igno is not a stranger in the K-Dance community He was discovered and recruited as a member of Shiners- a SHINee cover group in the Philippines which had participated and won in several local and international competitions. He was also part of a dream team who graced the stage on numerous occasions as opening acts for international K-pop personalities who visited the Philippines.

Vincent is the managing director of Link-Up Productions, a former member of a prominent dance management company G-Force and part of an award winning K-pop cover group Shiners. He is also the founder of La Salle’s based dance team, Comone Ground.

Currently, he is part of the #VinSuriChan trio with Phoi Chan and Dasuri Choi – performers who graced the stage on numerous occasions as opening acts for international K-pop personalities who visited the Philippines. He has also choreographed for big celebrities like Marian Rivera, Sarah Geronimo and other well-respected artists for concerts and variety shows.

To kick off this exciting series of dance workshops and exclusive dance content, Vincent is teaching the moves to one of the hottest singles this 2021 – yes, you guessed it right. It’s BTS’ Butter. You can learn more about Vincent Igno and our upcoming online dance workshops here.

You can now subscribe to unlimited access to dance content and tutorials with Fanlife. For as low as Php 199/month, learn directly from top notch choreographers like Vincent Igno as well as improve your skills with exclusive dance content from Vincent Igno and Fanlife. Other vouchers also available: Php 599 for 3-months and Php 1,199 for 6-months. This is a great opportunity for you to learn a new skill at home or with your friends online.

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