Yoona, Kim Seon Ho cast in the movie ‘Date at 2 O’Clock’

Yoona of Girls’ Generation is expected to star with Kim Seon Ho in the movie ‘Date at 2 O’Clock.’

Yoona and Kim Seon Ho were cast in the film ‘Date at 2 O’Clock,’ directed by Lee Sang Geun of ‘Exit.’

‘Date at 2 O’clock’ is a romantic comedy about a warm and fairy-tale scenario in which a guy above meets a lady downstairs who has a secret beyond imagination.

Morover, Yoona, known for her roles in ‘Confidential Assignment,’ ‘Exit,’ and ‘The Miracle,’ plays the woman in the home below who has a secret. Yoona is collaborating with filmmaker Lee Sang Geun for the second time, following the 2019 release of ‘Exit,’ which drew 9.42 million viewers.

Kim Seon Ho, is slated to portray the guy upstairs and have a beautiful relationship with Lim Yoon-a. Kim Seon Ho is believed to have read the screenplay and instantly voiced his desire to appear.


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