7 Things to Look Forward in #GOT7KeepSpinninginMNL

One of JYP Entertainment’s incredibly talented boy group, GOT7 is coming back to Manila after almost three years! If you can remember, GOT7 held their first fan meeting tour ‘Flight Log: Turbulence’ in Cebu and Manila last December 2016.

The 2019 Keep Spinning Tour in Manila will be their first major concert in the Philippines. This will also be the boys’ last tour stop for this year, which will then be continued on February 2020. We all know the excitement each of you are feeling as we get closer to D-Day and here’s why you should be more hyped for the concert!

1. Unforgettable Night + Enormous Stage

As said earlier, it’s been almost 3 years since GOT7 performed in Manila. So even before the tour details were out, the Manila Stop organizer from Pulp Live World, Happee Sy-Go, promised to make the show “definitely worth the wait” for Filo Ahgases.

She assured us that GOT7 will get to experience how hype a concert is in the Philippines and for them to feel the PCD (Post Concert Depression) in Manila. It’s a challenge accepted for Filo Ahgases! In addition to this, Happee Sy-Go confirmed that a much bigger stage will be also prepared so the boys can go around more freely.

2. Best Fan Service You’ll Ever Imagine

Talking about them walking around the big stage freely, it’s a chance for Filo Ahgases to experience the best fan service that the boys’ will be giving. If you give them tons of loves, they might return it with either a sweet or a crazy fan service.

Aside from these, GOT7 are known for always looking out for their IGOT7 (Ahgases). You’ll sure be given the utmost attention in their shows!

3. Astounding Live Performances and Breathtaking Stage

While we all get kilig by only hearing them sing and watching them perform through the screen, how much more can we get if we’ll be able to hear and see them perform LIVE?

They’ll be showing us their sharp-as-knives choreography and amazing vocals for their hottest and bop songs such as ‘A’, ‘If You Do’, ‘Never Ever’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Hard Carry’ and many more, while they’re slaying us with their visuals. We’re even more excited watching (with screams or tears) the members’ solo and sub-unit’s (JJ Project & Jus2) stages. Some of you may not have heard but Jackson is releasing his solo album ‘MIRRORS’ on October 25, just a day before the Manila concert. Who knows we might be able to witness him performing ‘Bullet to the Heart’ live!

4. GOT7 being GOT7

The show wouldn’t be complete if we’re not going to witness the dork and crackhead side of GOT7. The boys are basically family, they have a very close relationship that it’s impossible for them to not goof around or tease or even hug each other. It’s also impossible not to laugh or cry or both at the same time, while listening to their talking segments.

It’s another win for Ahgases if we will also be able to witness our favorite OTPs (One True Pair/ Ships) interactions!

5. Hearing Filipino/Tagalog Words They Learned

We all know how hard it is to be an international fan, but if they’re in our country, they’ll definitely do something memorable for only us, Filo Ahgases. Aside from hearing them introduce themselves in Tagalog, who else are excited to hear the new words they learned and will learn?

It’ll also not be complete if they’re not going to talk about how they miss the Philippines, where in the country does each members want to go, or what are their current favorite Filipino food.

Also, are they excited to hear the famous ‘Walang uuwi’ from Filo Ahgases, too?  We all wonder what their reactions will be! Will they be surprised or will they be the one to surprise us with something?

6. Fan chants + Fan projects

Our goal is to make the stop memorable, and what makes the stop unique for every country is the fan club’s projects. If the fan projects are all successful, it means that the Ahgases does a great teamwork and that the fandom works as one. It’s even heartwarming when the boys appreciated our efforts.

And one more thing to complete our concert experience is singing (or screaming) our lungs out to every songs and fan chants. What makes the PH fans different from the others is that we sing the entire song and do the fan chants all together. The boys will love hearing us sing with them!

7. Filo Ahgases and GOT7

This is a special day not only to meet GOT7 but also to meet our online and offline mutuals. Those people we met during ticket selling, in the internet, in fan gatherings/events or even by chance when you both realize you stan GOT7. It’s always nice to have someone who you can share your kilig and feels for the boys.

In addition, who wouldn’t want to be part of the Ahgase/Green Ocean in the Philippines? Even if you don’t have the lightstick, isn’t it satisfying just to be at the same place and the same time with the boys who we waited for almost three years, who we support and love? But remember! It doesn’t matter if you own an Ahgabong (lightstick), whatever seat you got or when did you became a fan. What matters is that you are there to support the boys. You are there to share the moment, the memories, with GOT7. You are there as a Proud Ahgase.

And if you’re a Team Labas or Team Bahay, it doesn’t matter if you won’t be able to meet GOT7 on d-day. Always know that there’s a right time for everything. You’ll get to meet GOT7, too, someday!

Wherever you are, whatever team you belong, let’s make that night memorable for both us, Filo Ahgases/IGOT7 and GOT7 themselves!

GOT7’s Keep Spinning Tour in Manila will be happening at Mall of Asia Arena on October 26, 2019 (Saturday) at 7PM. All tickets are officially sold out! The event is presented by JYP Entertainment, Pulp Live World, Live Nation, Aseana Airlines, and Globe.