EXO ‘Journey to the Nature Republic’ in Manila has been cancelled

Nature Republic Philippines announced that EXO Fan party event in Manila was cancelled due to NCov concerns, Feb 5.

Read their official statement here:

For the past few weeks, our team from both local and foreign have been anxiously monitoring the progress of the situation with the NCov virus. With the number of infected people increasing by the day (currently at 24,000) and death toll already at 500, there is no sign of slowing down with still too much uncertainty on the current and upcoming situation. Nature Republic Philippines team has worked so hard together with our foreign counterpart for the past few months with the aim of bringing happiness to our beloved Nature Lovers and PHIXO. All of us, both the organization and EXO-Ls has already given a part of us in this once in a lifetime event but to disregard our own sacrifices for the better good of the majority is one of our way of showing our devotion to you. And again, yes we hear you and care for your safety. Therefore, we opt to take this path and with a heavy heart.., We regret to inform all of you that the Journey to the Nature Republic in Manila on Feb 22.2020 will be canceled.