ITZY heats up Manila in premiere showcase

A lil’ bit different night with ITZY in Manila! Monster rookie ITZY showcased their overflowing talent and charming visuals in a one night only showcase ‘ITZY? ITYZY!’ in Manila last December 8 at New Frontier Theater. 

The quintet heated up the night with a fierce performance of their latest song ‘ICY’. The girls displayed their energetic and youthful vibe along with stomping dance breaks. 

After cooling off with that fiery performance, ITZY performed IT’z Summer from the groups latest album ‘IT’z ICY’ that really hyped up the Midzys (fandom name).

During the Question and Answer portion title ‘Question? ITZY!’ Lia and Yeji revealed that their favorite Christmas song is ‘Santa Tell Me’ in which they sang a few lines of the song. However, Chaeryeong said that her favorite Christmas song is ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. 

The girls were asked if there were not an idol what will they be. Lia said that she will probably be working in a cinema as it has a lot of privileges. Meanwhile, Chaeryeong said that she will probably an actress and Yuna said she wants to become an announcer so she gave a sample with a Filipino phrase ‘Mahal ko kayo (I love you)’. 

Going back to their trainee days, the girls shared their favorite memories during those days. Lia said that her favorite is when other trainees would order pizza and eat it secretly together. 

On to the next segment, the girls need to guess the title of the song by the first-second intro and they need to dance to get a point. The girls guessed and danced to Twice’s ‘Feel Special,’ Mamamoo’s ‘Hip,’ J.Y. Park’s ‘Fever.’ AOA’s ‘Come See Me,’ TXT’s ‘Run Away,’ BTS’ ‘Boy with Luv,’ Hyuna’s ‘Flower Shower,’ Stray Kids’ ‘Miroh,’ Red Velvet’s ‘Umpah Umpah,’ and Blackpink’s ‘Kill This Love’. Yeji did the punishment as she had the least number of correct answers. She did a catwalk in which she did some cute poses for Midzys.

For their special stage, the girls slayed with their performance of Twice’s ‘TT’ and GOT7’s ‘Hard Carry’.

For the next segment ‘All In Us Roulette’ probably one of the cutest part of the showcase, the girls had to play charades relay. ITZY quickly guessed the words or phrases so they did not need to do the punishment but the girls were very generous so they gave five hearts poses each, so all in all ITZY gave 25 hearts for Midzys. 

Debuted in February, the girls already have six ‘Rookie of the Year’ award in hand. The girls thanked their Midzys for all of the support and love they are giving. 

Moreover, the girls also performed “Want It,’ ‘Cherry,’ and of course their chart topping debut song ‘Dalla Dalla’ that completed the showcase.

For sure this showcase is just a start for ITZY and their MIDZYs. They will continue walking through times as they achieved each other’s dreams. 

ITZY Premiere Showcase ‘ITZY? ITZY!’ in Manila is presented by JYP Entertainment, promoted by PULP Live World and powered by Globe.