Jung Hae In shares One Summer Night with his Filipino Fans

Indeed one of the most memorable night for the fans of Jung Hae In. Jung Hae In spent a wonderful summer night with his fans at New Frontier Theater last September 28. 

With his sweet voice and angelic smile, Jung Hae In serenaded the crowd with his own rendition of Paul Kim’s Every day, Every Moment (모든 날, 모든 순간 ) as the fan meeting started.

Jung hae In serenading his fans

Calamansi (Philippines Lime) Juice was prepared for Jung Hae In and it seems like Hae In liked it. 

Furthermore, during the TMI portion, he revealed that his first meal in Manila was a steak. He also said that he’s reading the scripts. watch shows and sleep when he’s on the airplane for out of the country schedules. 

When he was asked to choose between ‘Wash your face, Wash your feet or Brush your teeth’ he chose ‘Brush his teeth’ as he thought it’s the most urgent but he clarified that he wants to do all three. 

In addition to the TMIs, the 31-years-old actor revealed that he wants to get married before he turns 40-years-old. A fan asked ‘Do you like Mcdonalds or Jollibee?’ Hae In answered that he tried Jollibee last night (Sept 27) and he likes the Joliibee’s peach-mango pie.

Moreover, Hae In said that he wants to come to the Philippines every year and he also likes to visit the Philippines as a tourist. 

The actor revealed that he’s a fan of Paul Kim, a South-Korean singer. He added that he enjoys Paul Kim’s music and he sang a few lines of ‘Me After You’ by Paul Kim. 

Tournament TMI was the last part of the TMI portion. It’s a quiz that’s all about Jung Hae In, the fans who can answer all the questions right will win a special prize. We learned on the Tournament TMI that Jung Hae In sets alarms every five-minutes in the morning and he doesn’t eat breakfast. Hae In also confessed that it’s harder for him to lose weight. Just like most of us, Hae In also loves soft drinks or beer when eating Fried Chicken. 

Hae In gifted the fans with a beautiful song cover of  ‘Where the Wind Blows’ originally by Kim Kwang Seok. 

The actor gave a goodnight video, three-second hug, Polaroid photo together with him, and a signed paper to lucky fans as he failed to finish the task in the segment ‘Mission Possible 123’. He also gave away a very limited edition T-Shirt with his manager’s face. 

Jung Hae In once again serenaded the crowd with the song ‘Willing to Forget’ by Kwang Seok. ‘One Summer Night’ in Manila ended with a Hi-Touch with Jung Hae in.

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We would like to express our gratitude to Wilbros Live for inviting us.