JYP Entertainment to take legal actions on leakage of Dahyun's personal information

JYP Entertainment announced that they will take legal actions regarding the leakage of Twice member, Dahyun’s personal information. They will also take legal actions on people who will disseminate and distribute the leaked information.

Earlier in the morning, personal information of Dahyun including personal identification numbers like her resident registration number were exposed at the airport as they checked in.

Read JYP Entertainment’s official statement:

Hello, this is JYPE

In the morning at the airport, Dahyun’s personal information including her personal identification number such as her resident registration number was filmed, leaked, and disseminated online.

Such leakage and dissemination of personal information is a violation of Personal Information Protection Act and other laws, so please stop the dissemination of such information immediately.

We would like to inform you that we will take legal action based on the appropriate laws regarding the current distribution situation and any continuous distribution of this matter.

Thank you.