Kang Daniel returns to Manila for a colorful night

After the long wait, Nation’s pick Kang Daniel and his Filipino Danitys (Daniel’s fandom name) met again in Manila for ‘Kang Daniel Fan Meeting: Color On Me’ last October 19 at Mall Of Asia Arena.

Kang Daniel kicked-off the fan meeting with a stunning performance of “Dancing Through the Night’ from his first solo album ‘Color On Me’.

The 22 year-old singer made sure that his fan meeting is worth the wait and is indeed one of the most colorful night as he showed off his amazing vocals and unique charisma during ‘Color’ stage.

It’s so nice to be back in the Philippines” – Kang Daniel expressed.

Following that explosive opening stages, he played ‘TMI Keyword’ in which every letter from the word ‘MANILA’ has a corresponding question he needs to answer. During that segment it was revealed that Daniel doesn’t wake up easily and he needs to hear the alarm five or six times before waking up. He also revealed some unreleased photos of him.

Moving on to the next game segment called ‘Relay Mini Olympic’ Kang Daniel should finish all the missions to pass and win the game. During the first round he failed to accomplish the missions and as penalty he danced to ‘Rolex‘ by Ayo & Teo. On the second try, Kang Daniel finally succeeded.

To make the night more special and memorable Kang Daniel gifted the fans. He showed that he’s a boyfriend material with a ‘boyfriend photo’ pose. He also gifted the fans with a slow dance.

The rising soloist broke chart records in South Korea with his debut album. He sold over 400,000 copies of the album in just one week after release.

Furthermore, Daniel took the stage with his jaw-dropping and powerful dance moves as he performed the dark EDM ‘Horizon.’ He also performed ‘What Are You Up To?‘ his latest title song from his debut album ‘Color On Me.’ that made the night more colorful.

PH Danitys surprised Wanna One center, Kang Daniel with a fan project VCR. Kang Daniel confessed that the fan project was touching and the fans were great. He expressed his thankfulness to all the fans who spent a colorful night with him.

He promised to visit more often and work more harder. Daniel also expressed his sympathy to everyone who were been affected by the recent earthquake in the southern Philippines.

Moreover, before the fan meeting officially ended Daniel performed to Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ and he also performed ‘I Hope.’

A colorful night and surely a memorable night to all Danitys! Kang Daniel and Danitys made each other life colorful.

This event was made possible by All Access Productions, Unusual Entertainment, and KONNECT Entertainment.