Kim Seon Ho’s alleged ex-girlfriend releases statement

Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend stated that she got an apology from him and that there was an undisclosed “misunderstanding” between them after her accusation that he forced her into having an abortion and it affected the actor’s career.

“I received an apology from him, and it seems like there were some misunderstanding between us,”  Kim’s alleged ex-girlfriend stated Wednesday in a post to an online forum. The person claiming to be Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend did not detail the “misunderstanding.”

“I’m sorry that my writing seems to have caused unintentional damage to many people. There was a time when we truly loved each other, and I don’t feel good watching him collapse in a single moment due to my extreme writing.”

She stated that she does not want what is not true to be disseminated or stories about them to be circulated any longer. In the original posting, she claimed that an anonymous star was her boyfriend and that he forced her into having an abortion. After the post began circulating in online groups, a huge number of people suspected that the person she referred to as Actor K was Kim Seon Ho.

The alleged ex-girlfriend released her statement after Kim Seon Ho apologized.



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