Lee Jin Hyuk gave V-Dans the best Christmas gift

An early Christmas gift! Rising artist Lee Jin Hyuk from UP10TION brighten the streets of Manila as he showcased his overflowing talents and his unique charm at his solo fan meeting ‘S.O.L’ last December 14 at New Frontier Theater. 

His HONEY10s and V-Dans definitely enjoyed,  love, and liked his opening performance as he showcased his powerful vocals and dancing skills with his solo debut song ‘I Like That’. 

Many mysteries about Lee Jinhyuk were revealed during the fan meeting including the measure of his legs. It was revealed that his legs measure 110cm in length. He was asked about what would be his rapper name, the fans suggested ‘masaRAP(delicious)’ and seems like Lee Jinhyuk liked it so he said that ‘masaRAP’ would be his rapper name. 

About acting, he said that he wants to play a bad boy role or a villain (we would love to see that in the future). He was shocked by the gift of V-DANs which is the famous Lechon (roasted pig) as he didn’t know how to start eating it. 

One of the highlights of the fan meeting was when he played a Filipino classic game ‘Tumbang Preso (knock down the prisoner)’ but with a twist. Instead of regular-sized flip-flops and can he was given a giant version. Jin hyuk aced ‘Tumbang Preso’ as he was able to knock down the can. 

The next game was ‘Balloon Popping’ where he needs to pop the balloons and he had to do the missions inside of it. Some of the missions he did were 10 push-ups, morning call, and the iconic ‘Dalagang Pilipina’ (popularized by mimiyuuuh). 

As the fan meeting drew closer to its end a surprise fanmade VCR by his loyal fan clubs was shown to him. The video contains some of the most significant moments in Lee Jin hyuk’s life including him being a participant of Produce X 101. 

“Higit pa mainit sa araw ngayon Dec 14 sa Pilipinas!! Masaya, nakakatuwa at napakalupit ang araw na ito!! Salamat sa aking mga dancer team 종영이형, 태희형, 인환이, 국민이 sa pagsama at ipagpatuloy natin ito!!Salamat at natuwa at nasiyahan ang mga honeyten at V-DAN sa show, mahal ko kayo 💙💙 Tatapusin ko ang araw na puno ng alaala. Maraming salamat~>”

Lee Jinhyuk posted on his Instagram.

Moreover, he also performed song songs from his solo debut album ‘S.O.L’ such as ‘Villain’ and ‘Follow Me and You’.

Lee Jinhyuk debuted as a member of UP10TION in 2015. Earlier this year he joined the popular survival show ‘Produce X 101’. He made his solo debut on November 4.

With his bright personality, being an all-rounder and of course his love for his HONEY10s and V-Dans, we are sure that there are a lot of good opportunities in store for Lee Jin Hyuk.

And the time flew so fast, the fan meeting came to its end. We’ve witnessed another night where an idol and his fans become each other precious gift and reason. This was surely the best Christmas gift.

The Lee Jin Hyuk S.O.L 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by Top Media and Ganada Company, and organized by CDM Entertainment.