SB19 heat things up with latest single 'Alab' under Sony Music

Fast-rising boyband SB19 released their latest single, “Alab (Burning)” under Sony Music Philippines, December 25.

According to Han Tae Soo, producer , the upbeat track is “basically about finding your true love and doing whatever it takes to win that certain someone.”

Moreover, Alab is a dance-pop banger built on sophisticated production, digital beats, and pulsating grooves. 

“Here, we thought of fire as our burning desire, emphasizing that there’s no other way to confess your love but to tell the person directly, and that you shouldn’t waste time,” Sejun shared.

Fast rising boyband SB19 with Roslyn Pineda of Sony Music

“Alab” is SB19’s first official single under Sony Music Philippines.

“With Sony Music Philippines, they’re a well-known major label worldwide. We feel like we can do so much more and expand to a wider audience,” Sejun says. The P-pop boyband expressed their gratitude to the international record label for making the partnership work.

“We’re looking forward to fueling and supporting many more breakthroughs for Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin,” says Roslyn Pineda, Sony Music’s GM Philippines & VP Business Development Asia.

SB19 debuted in 2018 with “Tilaluha,” and soon gained traction with the video release of choreography-heavy “Go Up” in July 2019.

They nabbed the first spot as this year’s most Googled Male Personalities in the Philippines. In addition, they recently landed on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart—which according to its website, tracks the fastest accelerating artists during the past week.

“Alab” is now available on all music streaming and download platforms worldwide.