SM announce 'no changes in EXO member's line-up'

We are one!

EXO remain as a nine-member boy group. SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding EXO’s future activities and current situation, Feb 20.

SM Entertainment said in their statement that before announcing Chen’s marriage, there was a discussion with the group’s member. All members expressed their willingness to stay together.

SM added, “We also respect the opinions of the members, and we want to let you know that there will be no changes in EXO members [line up).”

Read the translation of SM Entertainment’s statement:

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.
We’d like to discuss the stance of EXO members and the agency concerning the future direction of the group;s activities.

As EXO’s management agency, we firstly put EXO members’ opinions on important issues as well as the direction of the team and members’ activities.

Before officially announcing the marriage of Chen, we had a discussion with EXO members, and as all EXO members have been suffering from the loss of their members, the group expressed their willingness to continue together. We respect these members’ opinions and inform you that there will be no changes in EXO member’s line-up.

Also, as there are members who are about to join the military, EXO’s activities this year have been scheduled since last year to focus on solo and unit activities, and the activities of the members will be revealed sequentially.

EXO members will continue to work as EXO, solo, and unit, and return your love.

We will also do our best to support EXO and our members in every aspect.

Thank you.