GOT7 wraps-up ‘2019 Keep Spinning World Tour’ in Manila

The last stop for this year’s world tour is the sold-out Manila show last saturday, October 26 at Mall of Asia Arena. GOT7 proved that the three years of wait was definitely worth it for Filipino Ahgases.

GOT7 members Jaebeom, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom kicked off the show with their latest title track “Eclipse” from the recently released “Spinning Top: Between Security and Insecurity” album.

Even before the show started, Ahgases are already hyped. So when the show started they are passionately singing their hearts out, not only with the fanchant, but with the whole songs. As the boys showed off their sharp choreographs along with their powerful vocals, the arena crowd was filled with green lights from the ahgabong (lightsticks).

They also performed few tracks from the album “Flight Log: Arrival.” Such as “Out” which is composed by Jackson and the title track “Never Ever.”

ALL-OUT. GOT7 delivered an all-out performances for their Ahgases.

After the impressive performances, the introduction ment followed. Filipino Ahgases welcomed the boys with loud cheers as members introduced themselves one by one.

Manila, it’s been a while” Jackson yelled.

The show wouldn’t be complete without them interacting with the crowd. Bambam even did a roll call for the fan girls and fan boys inside the arena. He was surprised by how much fan boys they have and were present inside the arena.

Filipino Ahgases won’t let the show ends without chanting Filipino words like “lalabas na yan”, “sana all”, “sample”, “isa pa”,and “walang uuwi.” It was hilariously sweet as the boys tried hard to understand the words.

Fans also noticed that Mark was always the one who’s quick to understand the chant while the others were confused. Bambam even thought that the crowd were chanting “pizza hut” instead of “isa pa” and asked if they’re hungry.

And before performing the next songs, Bambam told the crowd, “Today is Saturday, right? Tomorrow is Sunday, so you won’t have to go to work” to which Jackson added “So what you mean is, we can sleep here tonight” and the crowd went crazier.

BURN THE STAGE. GOT& burned Manila Concert stage with jaw-dropping solo and group stages.

The next set of songs are for solo and unit performances. Leader Jaebeom was the first one to burn the stage as he performed his self-composed song “Ride“, followed by Youngjae’s performance with “Gravity” which is also produced by himself.

It was followed by astounding performance of “God Has Returned” and “Mañana” by the unit ATK (AmeriThaiKong) composed of Mark from America, Bambam from Thailand and Jackson from Hong Kong.

Meanwhile Yugyeom and Jinyoung displayed their powerful moves with a jaw-dropping dance performance.

To wrap up the solo and unit performances, the group performed Bambam’s remix version of “Stop, Stop It” with additional dance breaks and sexier dance moves.

They did a short explanations of the special stages with songs written and dedicated for their fans.

GOT7 also showed live performance of some hits from their past albums such as “1°”, “Sign”, “I am me”, “Come On”, “Teenager” and “Paradise.”

It would not be complete without the performances of iconic and top-charted hits such as “Just Right”, “Look”, “Lullaby” and “Hard Carry.” Fans went even wilder with the performances of these songs.

The echoes inside the arena became louder with the performance of the fandom’s national anthem, “Page” which is produced by the leader, Jaebeom. The members praised Jaebeom and showed how much they are proud of him and his songs.

As the show was getting near to the end, the crowd was chanting “walang uuwi.” To which Jaebeom responded, “Our next comeback song is Walang Uuwi.”

The boys and the crowd turned sentimental with the performances of “Thank You”, “Save You” and the gentle, piano-based pop ballad “Miracle.”

A surprised video by Filipino Ahgases made all the people inside the arena cried and teary-eyed. The video shows how the Filipino Ahgases waited for GOT7’s return, with compilations of events and activities for the last three years.

Mark was caught wiping his tears while the others were teary-eyed.

“We’re sorry that it took us three years to come back. We’re not sure if it’ll take another three years, two years or one year but we will come back,” Mark promised.

The show ended with so much fun and love from GOT7. It was an spectacular night with sharp dance moves, impressive raps, powerful vocals and the splashing of water. They were also seen roaming around the stages and giving fan services. Mark and Jinyoung even gave away their jackets to lucky fans. The other members also gave away their towels and water bottles.

For the encore stage, the boys performed “Fly“, “Go Higher“, and “Shopping Mall.” They also performed their debut song “Girls, Girls, Girls” that brings nostalgic feeling and memories to the Ahgases.

To officially end the show, GOT7 performed the very last song “Before the Full Moon Rise.”

The three hours-long show is no doubt worth it. Everyone can see how much the boys had fun with their last concert stop this year. And they can now focus on promoting their new comeback album “Call My Name.”

The moment they waved goodbye and exited the stage, and as Mark said, we will never know when they’ll be coming back again. But one thing’s for sure, even if it take another couple of years, we’ll definitely wait for them. Because GOT7 is always worth the wait.

We’d like to express our utmost gratitude to PULP Live World, to JYP Entertainment, to GOT7, to PH Ahgases and to all who made the event possible.

Written by Reginah Reyes