Ten, Renjun ask *fans* to respect their privacy

NCT members Ten and Renjun asked “fans” to respect their privacy during private schedule.

On January 12th, Ten and Renjun used the messaging platform Bubble to express their concerns about “fans” intruding on their personal schedule. On January 8th, fans were surprised to see Ten and Renjun at Incheon Airport, as they were on their way to Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose of their trip was not publicly disclosed, leading to speculation that it was a private schedule.

NCTzens also expressed their concern as some “fans” crowded the airport, waiting for Ten and Renjun’s arrival. Ten confirmed on the messaging platform that it was a personal schedule and requested that “fans” do not follow him to his home.

Renjun then told “fans” that they should respect the people you love and support as well as during their rest time. He also acknowledged that he understood that “fans” going to the airport or places he went to might come from a place of kind support and love. However, he expressed regret that his personal vacation was exposed as it was a beautiful vacation for him.

As fans, one of the most important ways to show our love and support is to respect their privacy and allow them to have personal time and space away from the public eye.

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