GOT7’s Yugyeom Showcases His Soloist Side at Live Concert in Manila

Manila was once again painted green as another GOT7 member returned to the Philippines to perform for the Filipino IGOT7, also known as Ahgases. The member was none other than GOT7 Yugyeom who held his first-ever concert as a solo artist from AOMG at the New Frontier Theater last August 19.

It hasn’t been long since the last show of a GOT7 member in the country, but Filipino Ahgases showed their never-ending support to the members as they crowded the venue with ecstatic hearts for the Giant Maknae and the fourth member of the group to be back in Manila this year.

Friday nights are indeed the best for parties so Yugyeom and his crew made sure everyone who attended the show would say “T.G.I.F!” (Thank God It’s Friday!). They proved that Yugyeom Live in Manila Concert is not just any other concert, but definitely a party on a friday night!

Starting off the show, DJ Wegun, another AOMG artist, warmed up everyone first with his set of songs from AOMG and some of GOT7’s best hits. The venue was filled with cheers as the crowd sang the songs on his setlist, hyping up, and adding excitement for the show.

After a 30-minute pre-show, DJ Wegun ended his set. Filipino Ahgases and Dandelions (Yugyeom’s fandom name) filled the venue with louder and more intense cheers, as the first beat of “I Want U Around” played, and Yugyeom graced the stage.

The crowd continued to go wild as Yugyeom performed other tracks from his debut album “Point of View: U,” which are “Running Through The Rain,” “When U Fall,” “Falling in Love,” and “All About You.”

It was a powerful opening that perfectly captured Yugyeom’s own style, charisma, and stage presence as a solo performer.

As soon as the opening performances ended, he greeted the crowd. He also expressed his gratitude, telling everyone that it was nice to be back and to see them again.

“I am so happy to be in Manila,” he told his fans.

It was also heart-warming to hear Yugyeom talking and communicating with everyone in English throughout the show. He shared his journey as a solo artist under the new company and how he wanted to show everyone a different side of his music.

As the show went on, Ahgases continued to scream their hearts out as Yugyeom performed “Take You Down”, followed by “Lights”, and “All Your Fault.” He also performed his unreleased song “Always Ready,” wherein everyone danced and sang along with him.

Another highlight of the night was witnessing Yugyeom’s powerful moves as he danced to Jay Park’s “Mommae” and “All I Wanna Do,” and even showing his dandelion tattoo! Everyone was also left in awe with his heart-stopping and jaw-dropping dance breaks with “Chingiz Khan.”

The hype continued as he performed the crowd’s favourite “Love The Way,” gaining deafening cheers and screams from everyone inside the venue.

The crowd also did not forget to tell Yugyeom the famous “Walang uuwi” (No one will go home) catchphrase, too!

And of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without Yugyeom performing GOT7’s tracks. He got everyone screaming their lungs out while all jumping together during his “Hard Carry” stage. Manila also heard Yugyeom’s self-composed track “Two” from the latest GOT7’s New Ep Album.

Towards the end, Yugyeom still continued to showcase his powerful vocals and moves as he ended the show with confetti and green lights after his “1+1” stage.

In return to his astonishing performances, Ahgases made sure that the whole venue was filled with the glows from the green Ahgabongs, together with their loudest screams of gratitude, support, and excitement for Yugyeom.

Yugyeom did not fail to show us his prowess and versatility as a performer. The awesome stages, the vibe, the intense energy, and the loud cheers and wild screams. A Friday night party with #Yugyeom will undoubtedly live on in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives.

Source: AOMG Official

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