HORI7ON Vinci fans celebrate anniversary with Subway ads

To celebrate the 1st-year anniversary since the formation of the fandom for the group HORI7ON's leader, Vinci, they initiated Subway Advertisements in Seoul.

The Choeaedol application, a platform within the idol fandom community, organized a special support event titled “1st Year Anniversary of TVG together with VINCI.” This initiative was spearheaded by the fandom to celebrate the formation of HORI7ON Vinci’s individual fanbase, known as “TEAM VINCI GLOBAL,” coinciding with the premiere of Dream Maker on November 19th.

According to the press release, the advertisement can be found on the CM Boards at Konkuk University Station in Seoul from November 13 until November 27 for 15 days with Vinci’s advertisement video being played on replay.

Vinci appeared in “Dream Maker: the Search for the Next Global Pop Group” which began airing last November 19, 2022, concluding with a 4th-place finish and earning a spot in the debut group. The official debut of HORI7ON in South Korea unfolded with the launch of their first full-length album, “Friend-SHIP,” on July 24.

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