Keep Winning: Win captures hearts in his first solo fanmeet in Manila

All the way from Thailand, Win Metawin visited Manila once again for a solo fan meeting on June 11 at New Frontier Theater.

Can you recall that magical moment when Win first captured your heart? It’s a unique experience for each individual, but undoubtedly, many of you know him during the pandemic when we are stuck inside our homes. As you scrolled through your social media applications, you stumbled upon this series called ‘2gether’, and it transported you away from the realities of the world. 


With the lights dimming down, the fans couldn’t contain their excitement for Win. They cheered and screamed in delight as he took the stage, opening the fan meeting with the heartwarming song “One More Chance.”

After that, Win answered some questions about his life. When asked about his favorite breakfast, he revealed that he doesn’t really eat breakfast due to intermittent fasting, and he typically starts eating around lunchtime. However, he did mention that he likes Kra Pow, which is a Thai dish with basil as the main ingredient.

Before he starts working, Win shared that he drinks two cups of iced Americano. #Same. Before he sleeps at night, he takes a shower while listening to music. He also mentioned that he sleeps for seven to eight hours. #SanaOl.

Moving forward, three fortunate fans went home with a gift from Win: a winning sandwich. Each sandwich had its own name and distinct characteristics. Firstly, there was “My Love,” with meat toppings. Secondly, “Baby Vegan”, a sandwich filled with only vegetables, without cheese and mayo. Lastly, Win prepared “My Girlfriend,” which included both meat and vegetables, providing the best of both worlds.

Win as an actor

In this segment, Win talked about his journey as an actor and what are some memorable highlights in his career. Win’s projects include ‘2gether: The Series’, and ‘F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.’ He shared that his characters Tine and Kavin resemble him the most. 

When asked about the artists he aspired to collaborate with, Win candidly expressed his desire to work alongside Jennie from BLACKPINK and Anne Curtis, whom he had the pleasure of meeting in New York.

Looking ahead to his future career, Win expressed a keen interest in exploring the portrayal of a psychological character, expressing his willingness to undertake such a challenging role if given the opportunity.

Moreover, Win captivated the audience with his performances of ‘เสแสร้ง (Pretend)’ and ‘ไหวอะเปล่า เบเบ้ (Wai A Plao Baby)’. Furthermore, he serenades the crowd with ‘Ten Years Later’ and ‘That Person Must Be You’, both featured on the official soundtrack of Still 2gether.

Towards the conclusion of the fan meeting, Win was moved as he watched a heartfelt VCR prepared by his fans. Overflowing with gratitude, he extended his heartfelt appreciation to the fans and expressed his hope to return to Manila once again.

Win’s first solo fanmeeting in Manila was presented by PULP Live World and Happee Hour. 

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