Lapillus set to release “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2”

In just two days, Lapillus will release their second mini album, “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2,” on various online streaming platforms, marking the beginning of their official promotional activities. This album, the second installment of the “GIRL’s ROUND” series, showcases Lapillus’ unwavering determination and their growth as a group.

Since their debut, Lapillus has always demonstrated their adventurous side, and their upcoming album promises to bring even more energy with its lead single, “Who’s Next.” Along with this song, the album includes songs like “Marionette,” “ULALA,” and “Paper,” as well as an instrumental and English version of “Who’s Next.”

The title track, “Who’s Next,” is an energetic hip-hop dance song characterized by powerful beats and empowering self-love lyrics.

With their latest album, Lapillus demonstrates their growth as a fully-fledged “Hexagon Group” and showcases their enhanced skills. The group has developed a distinct identity, seamlessly executing choreography that highlights each member’s strengths.

Lapillus is ready to make their mark with the release of “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2” on the 21st of June at 6 PM (KST) on various online streaming platforms.

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