Kim JaeJoong Brings Fans to Paradise at his J Concert in Manila

The relentless downpour and challenging weather conditions won’t stop PH Boss Babies from their unwavering support and enthusiasm for their much-anticipated J Concert of the South Korean Superstar, Kim Jaejoong, in Manila.

Kim Jaejoong, a prominent artist in the K-pop industry for being a former member of the legendary group TVXQ and a now member of JYJ, have returned to Manila to show his fans captivating performances. He is both remarkable as an idol and as an actor.

Prior to his concert, his agency, iNKODE, also held a global audition to look for new talents in Manila. Kim Jaejoong wrapped up his J Concert Asia Tour in the country at the Mall of Asia Arena on July 28.

Even with an hour delay due to the storm, the venue was still in red ocean, and the energy remained high and electric for the fans.

Once the light dimmed, Kim Jaejoong was welcomed with the loudest and warmest screams from the crowd. He graced the stage with his ballad songs including ‘We’re Korean Ver.‘ followed by ‘In this World‘ and ‘Tender Love.’ He was accompanied by his live band on stage.

He was also surprised by how good the PH Boss Babies harmonized for the intro of ‘Now Is Good.’

Kim Jaejoong continued with his enthralling stages of ‘One Kiss‘ followed by ‘Run Away,’ and ‘Locking Love.’ The PH Babies sang along to every song including, ‘Paradise,’ the fan-favorite song.

Kim Jaejoong’s strong vocals echoed throughout the arena, capturing the hearts of everyone. The soothing vocals and heartwarming performances of the superstar took the crowd to their own paradise.

From heartfelt ballads that tugged at emotions, Kim Jaejoong entered the stage as Rock Jaejoong to perform his high-energy rock tracks that had everyone on their feet.

His dynamic performances of ‘Luvholic,’ ‘Secret‘ and ‘Welcome To My Wild World‘ had everyone jumping and singing along. He also continued with the performances of ‘Kiss B,’ ‘9+1#‘ and ‘Mine‘ which indeed showcased his diverse musical range.

As the concert show approached the encore, Jaejoong made sure everyone still got their high spirits on. He got back on stage with ‘Nobody Like You,’ and ‘Walking On Water‘ making the crowd elated.

Kim Jaejoong expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the resilient fans for attending the event despite the typhoon. He expressed gratitude for their continued support and promised to keep giving performances that inspire and motivate.

PH Boss Babies also prepared their fan project for Jaejoong including a small banner for every attendee and the big banner they put up during the encore.

Kim Jaejoong ended his set with the most awaited song ‘I’ll Protect You‘ that left fans teary-eyed. He did not leave the stage without promising to come back again.

Even with the bad weather, both Jaejoong and the PH Boss Babies braved the inclement weather to attend the event.

The amazing connection between Kim Jaejoong and his fans is evident. Throughout the night, he interacted with the crowd, sharing personal messages, meaningful sentiments, and even attempting a few Tagalog phrases. Fans were more than just spectators; they were an active part of the show as they sing along to every song while waving their light sticks.

People from all sides of the country came together to celebrate the power of music and artistic expression at Kim Jaejoong’s J Concert in Manila. The thrilling performance and fan participation made it a night that PH Boss Babies will remember for years to come. The artist-audience connection was also palpable, underscoring the enormous importance that music and performance can play in bridging cultures and creating lasting memories.

The show is a testament to the PH Boss Babies’ endurance and enthusiasm, demonstrating that not even adverse weather could dissuade their determination to support Kim Jaejoong and his music.

Kim Jaejoong J Concert Asia Tour in Manila was presented by Neuwave Events & Productions.

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