Kim Jung Hyun to cameo in Seo Ji Hye’s upcoming drama

Seo Dan and Alberto Gu fans where are you at?

Kim Jung Hyun was confirmed to make a special appearance in MBC Drama “Shall We Eat Dinner Together?(working title)” starring Seo Ji Hye.

An official from MBC said, “Actor Kim Jung Hyun will make a special apperance in “Shall We Eat Dinner Together? (working title)”.

The drama was about a romance between a man and a woman whose love cells degenerated due to scars of painful heartbreaks. Through eating dinner they will recover to feel emotions and seek for love.

Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye starred in “Crash Landing On You.” Their characters were loved by many fans around the globe.

The drama was set to start airing in May.


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