Lapillus unveils “Who’s Next” M/V Teaser

On June 19 and 20, MLD Entertainment unveiled an exciting teaser on their official YouTube channel, giving fans a glimpse of the official music video for “Who’s Next,” the title song from Lapillus’ second mini album.

In the captivating teaser, Lapillus, six enchanting girls showcase their individual charms through charismatic gazes. Their captivating vibes draw you in, while the powerful beat resonates deep within, leaving a lasting impression.

Furthermore, as the video nears its conclusion, the impactful lyrics, “Tell me who’s next,” reverberate, making a powerful statement.

“Who’s Next” is a dynamic hip-hop dance song that displays the grand and adventurous energy of Lapillus. The track pulsates with lyrics centered around self-love, infusing it with a refreshing feel.

Lapillus’ “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2” will be released through various online music platforms this coming June 21 at 6PM (KST).

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