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Sunshine Family is a film by Spring Films and Film Line Productions. The film was directed by Kim Tai Sik. Sunshine Family was shot entirely in Seoul and Yangpyeong County. It tells the story of Mapalad family they are scheduled to go back home in the Philippines but the head of the family Don (Nonie Buencamino) got involved in a hit and run accident. The movie circles on how the mother Sonya (Shamaine Buencamino) lead the destruction of evidence to avoid their family from falling apart.


This review may contain spoilers.

Mapalad family is the typical kind of Filipino Family. The father is the one who supports the needs of the family but what if the head of the family got involved in an accident? What will happen to the family?

Family. According to Merriam Webster, a family is the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children. We always tend to forget what family really is. A family also consists of love, time, communication, trust and problems. Filipino family, we do not give up. We may be having tons of problem but we can not ask other people to help up, our family will always be there for us no matter how big or small your problems are.

Sunshine Family. will make you question yourself ‘Am I giving time to my family?’. We always forget our family since we always see them everyday, we thought that it is enough so we go to places, go to work, go out with friends but when there is a big downfall our family will be the first one to be there for us. In the movie, the conflict make them connected and strong. It builds up their relationship while they are solving their problem.

This film was created to show the true meaning of family. We just know that we are family because of blood, because we are living in the same house and etc. but Sunshine Family will show you more deep meaning of a family. It has a lot of life lessons.

Cinematography is really great. You can see the importance of those camera angles on the scenes. You will feel that ‘K-Drama vibes’ in this movie. For the sounds, it was a bit overpowering. In some scenes the background music was too loud but we really love the OPM classics.

Mr. Nonie Buencamino and Ms. Shamaine Buencamino are the main characters of this movie. They really portrayed their character well. They are in real life couple that makes their acting more natural. You can see that they are really a veteran actors. Sue Ramirez and Shinwoo. there is a chemistry between them. You can see that they are very comfortable with each other. Marco Masa, Shine’s younger brother, he did well in this film. His lines were well delivered.

The Korean actors were daebak! Their characters were very well portrayed. Mr. Han Tae Il portrayed the grandfather of Kyungsook (Park Se Jin). His character will make you laugh. Mr. Han Tae Il’s character will make you miss your grandparents. Ms, Park Se Jin played the role of Kyungsook, Mapalad’s family’s typical neighbor who’s a gossiper.

Everyone should watch this movie. It’s a funny movie and it has a lot to offer. This movie will make you ask yourself, make you realize things, and it will make you cry in some point. Sunshine Family has a simple story that makes it more beautiful. It will make you appreciate every member of the family, they are here for us to love, help and guide us.

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