Music to Sing this Spring


While the countries near the equator is in dry season, the countries on the northern hemisphere is in spring.

The spring season is on. Here is our playlist for spring.

*Some song on this list is about relaxation and love. Spring is also a season of love and relaxation.

  • BUSKER-BUSKER – Cherry Blossom Ending
No doubt, this is Korea’s spring anthem. A song released 7 years ago about cherry blossoms petals that is always climbing back on the chart when the spring sets on. Imagine how romantic it was when you and your lover are walking on the street while the lovely petals are falling.
As the spring wind blows
The scattering cherry blossom petals
Spread out on this street
As we walk togethe
  • BTS – Spring Day
This song defines how cold the winter is and the beauty of spring. Enduring the harsh season in able to see the wonder of life. The winter is when you are left alone while the spring is when you are reunited with your lover.
Cherry blossoms are blooming
The winter is endin
  • HIGH4, IU – Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms
Spring is romantic for lovers but not for someone who is single. When you go outside and you see lovely couples holding hands while walking through the spring road and you are walking alone 🙁 .
“There’s no one who can walk with me,
holding hands together

The sweet spring wind is so mean to me”
  • Girls’ Generation-OH!GG – Fermata
A song about taking a break. The cold and dark winter have passed and spring has come. It’s time to meditate and free yourself from stress while exploring the beauty of life.
“Sunshine you couldn’t see before
Take it into both of your eyes “
  • ERIC NAM x WENDY – Spring Love
Melt my frozen heart so I can open up my heart (feelings) for you. The feelings are mutual 🙂
“Be my spring, I’ll always be your flower
I hope we can melt each other and open each other up”

  • SOYOU – My Blossom
In this beautiful season, do not waste the romantic scenery of spring. Confess what is in your heart! <3
“You still feel awkward with me
But on a day when the
Cherry blossoms scatter
I hope we can be together “

  • APRIL(에이프릴) _ April Story(봄의 나라 이야기 )
It is hard to forget the one you secretly in love with. There are so many “what if” inside your mind. You can not confess your feelings because you know he/she is happy with his/her relationship.
“The girl who lives in Spring Land
Saw the handsome boy from the Land of Ice”

  • Loco &Yuju (GFRIEND) – Spring Is Gone By Chance
Just like the drama, Imagine you have the ability to see the scent of spring. Scent is a factor why we fell in love with someone.
“It’s coming to me by chance
I can see the scent of spring
You must be coming with it”
  • 소유(SoYou) X 정기고(JunggiGo) – 썸(Some) feat. 긱스 릴보이 (Lil Boi of Geeks)
Label is important in a relationship, so there is no confusion on both party.
“It feels like we’re lovers,
It seems like we’re lovers but not”
  • BTOB – 두 번째 고백 (2nd Confession)
Not a song about spring, but the music and the video bring a bright season vibe. Will you comeback to me when you here my 2nd confession?.
“Won’t ever make you jealous,
I’ll make them jealous of you”

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