VXON, G22 details their greatest strength as a group

We’re always on the lookout for fresh artists who can help push P-Pop forward. We can already see on social media that there are a lot of talented Filipinos.Scrolling on my for you page on TikTok, I came across this video of a new group.The fact that there are more P-Pop groups in the country truly amazes me. I find myself thinking that P-Pop is continuously rising and P-Pop will be known worldwide soon. 

Cornerstone Entertainment launched two new groups VXON and G22

Early this year, Cornerstone Entertainment unveiled their two new groups namely VXON (read as vision) and G22 (read as G22). During the teasers and introduction the two groups already made a noise in the P-Pop community. Seeing their teaser photos, it made us really curious on what these two groups will offer and contribute to the P-Pop world. 

VXON is a five member boy group composed of C13, Sam, Franz, Vince, and Patrick. Here are the members’ official positions: C13 (Leader/Main Rapper), Patrick (Main Dancer), Franz (Main Vocals), Sam (Lead Rapper/Lead Vocals), and Vince (Visual/Lead Vocals). According to Cornerstone, the name “VXON” refers to how the group, despite their differences in personalities and life experiences, is united by one vision: to help uplift P-Pop and inspire others. Moreover, “Vixies” is the official fandom name of the group. 

Moving to the girl group G22 composed of AJ, Alfea, Jaz, and Bianca. Here are the members’ official positions: AJ (Leader/Main Rapper), Jaz (Main Vocal), Bianca (Main Dancer/Sub-rapper), and Alfea (Visual/Lead Vocal). The names “G22” and “Bullets” (the official fandom) are perfectly compatible because “G22” refers to a gun (the Glock 22), and a gun cannot fire without its bullets. The “G” might be interpreted in a variety of ways, but the “22” indicates the year of their debut.The girls have dropped their explosive debut single “Bang” and are about to unleash a delightful surprise.

VXON, and G22 details their greatest strength as a group

C13 VXON’s leader shared that they are thankful to their seniors who have paved the way for P-Pop. He also said that they knew that they have a lot to prove as a group but they are so thankful that they have each other as a support system. 

VXON considered their shared vision as their greatest strength as they aim to uplift people and inspire people through their music. I agree that having the same vision as a group is important, and that by working together, you will be able to reach all of your goals.

For G22 Jaz, she shared that they considered their friendship and their relationship as one as their greatest strength. She added that their friendship makes them strong as a group. They didn’t waste any time, according to AJ. Also, the eagerness of each member to learn new skills. The girls made it a point to learn something new every single day throughout their trainee days. 

During the press conference, we can already see the potential. Their songs are really impactful and catchy, especially the chorus parts. Both VXON and G22 are equally talented and their vocals amazed me the most. Meanwhile, here are some things we’re anticipating: a physical full-length album (preferably with photobook and photocards) since we want to hear more songs from them, new concepts that will allow each member to shine, and more performances.

The music of VXON and G22 are exclusively released, distributed, and produced by Cornerstone Entertainment.

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