5 ENHYPEN B-side tracks that you should hear

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ENHYPEN, a South Korean K-pop group, has become well-known for their exceptional albums and title tracks. However, many fans often overlook the b-side tracks that are included on their albums. B-side tracks are usually referred to as the songs that are included on the album, which are often not as well-promoted as the title tracks.

Despite this, many b-side tracks hold a lot of musical value and are definitely worth listening to. Here are five b-side tracks by ENHYPEN that you might not have heard, but are worth your attention. These tracks showcase the versatility and talent of the members and provide a deeper understanding of their musical style. By listening to these b-side tracks, you can gain a deeper appreciation for ENHYPEN and their music.

5 ENHYPEN B-side tracks that you should hear

ParadoXXX Invasion


Go Big or Go Home

TFW (That Feeling When)


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