8TURN drops second mini-album ‘Uncharted Drift’

8TURN, consisting of members MYUNG HO, JAE YUN, MIN HO, YOON SUNG, HAE MIN, KYUNG MIN, YUN GYU, and SEUNG HEON, recently unveiled their latest mini-album, “UNCHARTED DRIFT.” This release marks their second mini-album following their debut in January of this year with “8TURNRISE.”

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In their first album, they told the story of the eight members waking up the world of familiarity, but the story does not end there it continues to expand with UNCHARTED DRIFT The members explore the midsummer night when their own unpredictability made them embark on new adventures and pursue fresh goals.

PHOTO CREDIT: MNH Entertainment

Jae Hyun shared, “We’re very thrilled to make our first comeback. We were able to prepare for our second mini album ‘UNCHARTED DRIFT’ with great joy, thanks to all the care, wish, support, and love we’ve received. You’ll see our growth from our first album, so please stay tuned. Also, we ask for your continued support and love for 8TURN!”

UNCHARTED DRIFT included a total of five tracks,  including the title track, “EXCEL,” which has the message of, “I will be responsible for all of my actions” and choosing the hard road towards their goals instead of the easy way out.

PHOTO CREDIT: MNH Entertainment

Among the notable tracks featured in “UNCHARTED DRIFT,” there is “WORLD,” a captivating alternative rock and cinematic piece. The lyrics for this track were skillfully penned by 8TURN’s very own YUN GYU. “WORLD” introduces the second universe story of 8TURN, inviting listeners to delve into a new dimension of their narrative.

Adding to the diverse range of genres, “WALK IT OUT” is a vibrant hip-hop and dance track. Its purpose is to motivate individuals to detach from the online realm and immerse themselves in the offline world. “SKETCH” takes listeners on a colorful journey, intertwining the hues of sound and love. Lastly, the album concludes with the uplifting pop track, “ING,” incorporating elements of gospel and hip-hop. The song carries a powerful message: 8TURN aims to bring smiles and happiness to all those who accompany them on their journey, offering solace and joy throughout the long road ahead.


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