ENHYPEN’s Jake vibes to ‘Raining in Manila’ by Lola Amour

It’s ‘Raining in Manila’—like, literally. On July 14, Filipino ENGENES (fandom name) won as ENHYPEN member Jake played the song ‘Raining in Manila‘ by a Filipino band called Lola Amour.

During his live session, Jake asked the fans to send in some chill music recommendations, as if they were on a radio. A lot of Filipino ENGENES commented that Jake should listen to the song ‘Raining in Manila’. The recently released song is becoming popular in the Philippines because of its catchy beat and relatable lyrics.

According to the band, ‘Raining in Manila’ is about missing a friend who left the country in pursuit of a better life, wishing them happiness, and hoping that they are doing okay despite not keeping in touch anymore.

Jake then played the song and expressed that he likes it. He also mentioned that since it’s not in English, he doesn’t know what the lyrics mean, but he likes the melody.

Moreover, Jake shared that when fans were commenting “Raining in Manila,” he initially thought they were saying it’s raining in Manila.

“You guys are commenting ‘Raining in Manila,’ so I thought of raining in Manila. I thought you guys were telling me that it’s raining in Manila. But it’s actually a good song,” said Jake.

The clip of Jake listening to ‘Raining in Manila’ has gone viral on Twitter, and Lola Amour responded with excitement, saying, “OMG??? WAIT LANG GUYS NASA GIG KAMI PERO LAHAT KAMI NAGKAKAGULO”.

On July 10, a fan also asked Jungwon to listen to ‘Raining in Manila’. Jungwon replied, saying that he will give it a listen.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN was announced as the newest Global Ambassador of the Filipino clothing brand, Bench.

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