Minzy’s Glee in Manila: A Night of Unforgettable Performances

Minzy, the talented artist from South Korea, embarked on her highly anticipated 1st Asia Tour – Glee in Manila at the New Frontier Theater, captivating her fans with her powerful performances, contagious energy, and charismatic stage presence.

In 2020, Minzy made her debut in the Philippines under Viva Artists Agency (VAA), Open Door Artists, and South Korea’s MZ Entertainment, marking the beginning of her career in the country. She also had the opportunity to showcase her talent at the opening of Season 81 of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP).

Unforgettable Performances

From the instant Minzy stepped onto the stage, you can see the excitement of all the fans. The concert venue reverberated with passionate cheers and screams of admiration from fans eagerly anticipating her performance.

As the music began to play for her first song, Minzy effortlessly showed her exceptional dance skills, captivating the fans with her impeccable timing and fluid movements.

During the concert, Minzy treated the audience to a spectacular lineup of her most popular songs, including captivating songs ‘Superwoman,’ ‘ING,’ ‘Flashlight,’ ‘Beautiful Lie,’ ‘NINANO,’ ‘TEAMO,’ ‘Fantabulous,’ ‘Lovely,’ ‘All of You Say,’ ‘My Everything,’ ‘Right,’ and many others.

In addition to her solo hits, Minzy also delighted fans with some memorable performances of 2NE1’s iconic songs. The crowd could not contain their excitement as Minzy flawlessly delivered crowd favorites like ‘Baby I Miss You,’ ‘Missing You,’ ‘I Am The Best,’ ‘Lonely,’ ‘Come Back Home,’ and ‘I Don’t Care.’

Captivating the Crowd

Throughout the concert, it was clear that Minzy had a strong connection with her fans. Her contagious enthusiasm and authentic interactions left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. She made sure to express her sincere appreciation, sharing heartfelt words with her loyal POS and BLACKJACKS who have stood by her side throughout her journey.

The crowd responded with equal love and devotion, enthusiastically singing along to every song and generating an electric atmosphere that filled the entire venue.

A Memorable Night for All the Fans

It was an extraordinary event that celebrated not only music but also the strong connection between Minzy and her fans. Even as time passes, the memories forged that night will continue to echo within the hearts of all those who were fortunate enough to witness the enchanting experience of Glee in Manila.

The concert showcased Minzy’s artistic prowess and her remarkable connection with her fans. With her exhilarating performances, Minzy deeply connected with her fans, an experience that will surely be treasured by Filo-POS and Filo-Blackjacks for generations.

As Minzy embarks on her ongoing KPOP journey, the memories of her first Asia tour will forever hold a cherished spot in the hearts of those who witnessed the enchantment of Glee in Manila.

The event was brought to us by Neuwave Events & Productions.

Written by: Janezel Gallardo

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