Horror or Documentary: Seo Kang Joon’s life story

South Korean actor Seo Kang Jun held a press conference for his fanmeeting ‘The Last Charm: Seo Kang Jun in Manila’ at GMA 7 on May 24.

The media conference started with a performance from country’s pride boy band JBK with their hit song ‘Maibalik‘. Following their performance, a heartwarming performance of Nasser’s ‘Chasing Cars’ was seen, ‘Chasing Cars‘ is the official theme song of ‘Are You Human?’ on GMA 7.

The actor talked about his impressions of his Filipino Fans, he said that his fans are beautiful. Kang Jun don’t think as of now that he is an international artist but it made him more motivated to do his best.

When he was asked “If your life story were to be made into a movie, what genre would it be? Why?” Kang Jun answered that he doesn’t think that his life would be a horror material so he said that it would be a documentary.

“I was nervous but very excited, I want the fans to relate to the drama/character.” Kang Jun said. He was nervous but very excited when he heard the news that his hit Korean drama ‘Are You Human?’ will air on GMA 7 the leading broadcast company in the Philippines.

Furthermore, he considered his brown eyes as his external charm that fans also loves about him. Kang Jun knows few tagalog words such as ‘Kumusta ka?’ and ‘Mahal’ (expensive).

It was his first time to have a fan meeting in the Philippine. Kang Jun wants to have wonderful memories on his fan meeting ‘The Last Charm’ with the fans.

The press conference was hosted by Ms. Patricia Tumulak.

‘Are You Human?’ will start its broadcast on May 27 at GMA 7.

Special thanks to CDM Entertainment for giving us a chance to cover this event.

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