Bae Jinyoung gives love to his ‘Ate’, ‘Kuya’, ‘Kaibigan’ and ‘Bunso’

Bae Jinyoung in Manila is full of new memories, great performances and of course full of love. Bae Jinyoung greets Filipino fans in his first ever solo fanmeeting in Manila ‘IM YOUNG’ , May 18 at the New Frontier Theater.

As Bae Jinyoung starts to sing ‘TVXQ’s Hug‘ for his opening stage, fans all over the theater were really amazed by his sweet voice. He also show off his youthful vibes. Fans surely missed Bae Jinyoung since his last visit in Manila together with Wanna One. He next performed ‘Oh Little Girl‘ from Produce 101 season 2. After that cute but cool performance Jin Young made fans sizzle on ‘The Hill‘ by The Weeknd with his enigmatic aura, and striking looks with sharp dance moves which he choreographed . He also performed a Wanna One – No. 1 unit song ‘11‘ that made the fans miss Wanna One.

The first segment of the fan meeting in ‘Three Wonders of Bae Jinyoung / We Want to Know’. In this part Bae Jinyoung will be answering three wonders about him, The First wonder is his ‘Unchanging 45 degree sharp Angle’ in all photos Jinyoung has the same 45 degree angle pose, to confirm this wonder he was asked to pose to the camera and it’s was confirmed.

As for the second worder, ‘Is Bae Jinyoung really 11 deung sin? they prepared a copy of Jinyoung’s face to check. Bae Jinyoung is not 11 deung sin but 13 deung sin. Making the fans wish come true is the last segment of his fanmeet. Fans wrote their wish before the show starts. For the first wish, he made a finger heart then say ‘Annyeong’ and ‘I Love You’. The second wish was ‘ Do a 10 sec. Aegyo’. He also granted the fans wish to him to say ‘Babalik Ulit Ako( I will be back again)’ and say ‘Gwapo Ako(I’m handsome)’.

In additional to those wishes, they prepared three best wish that Jinyoung will do, first is ‘Bae Kitty full of aegyo’, next was ‘with oppa’s sweet voice do a morning ASMR alarm,’ ang lastly ‘tell Manila fans that you love them’:

“Kaibigan, Bunso, Ate, Kuya Mahal ko kayo!”

– Bae Jinyoung

Fans surprised him with a fan made VCR and a birthday cake. He was very thankful to all of the fans.

Hard to Say Goodbye‘ fans turned emotional as soon as the the song played. It also hinted that the fan meeting is coming to a close.

Moreover, Bae Jinyoung comes back on stage with his overflowing youthful vibes and charisma as he performed ‘Baby’.

I’M YOUNG‘ – truthfully anyone in the venue can say that they are young, regardless of the age, we can all be young. Fans from different ages gathered to witness this amazing event that you will surely marked in our lives forever.

Thanks to CDM Entertainment , DO Concert and C9 Entertainment for bringing this wonderful and intimate event to Filipino fans. Also, Thank you for giving us a chance to witness and cover this event.

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