Taeyeon fulfills promise, creates memories in “The ODD Of Love” in Manila with PH SONEs

PH SONEs are delighted last July 30 as their beshie, Taeyeon fulfilled her promise and came back to Manila for her “The ODD Of Love” concert. Araneta Coliseum was filled with the pink ocean that day!

After 4 months, PH SONEs got to see her again. As Taeyeon appeared on stage, the crowd welcomed her with their warmest and loudest cheers. She first sang her single, “INVU” followed by “Can’t Control Myself”, “Some Nights” and “Set Myself on Fire”.

PH SONEs got so ecstatic when Taeyeon performed her song, “Siren” and “Cold As Hell”. she was so pretty wearing a stunning red sparkling dress that night.  

Taeyeon said that she is happy to be back in Manila and that she’s thankful for the warm welcome of PH SONEs.

As the concert continued, Kim Taeyeon showed off her captivating vocals by singing her hits, “Heart”, “Toddler”, “Weekend”, “No Love Again”, and “You Better Not”.  

While Taeyeon was singing her song, “Stress” PH SONEs were holding and waving the purple cloth as their fan project. It was like a party with Taeyeon and everyone was enjoying the concert. Taeyeon appreciated it so much. “It’s my first time seeing so many SONES enjoying my concert this much.”

Taeyeon remembered that PH SONEs were her beshie, she said “Yes, we are beshie. Mahal ko kayo. Salamat”. She’s so adorable!

One of the most memorable parts of the concert was when Taeyeon sang her song, “Fine” and there was that part when she sang it in acapella, everyone was so speechless and wowed by that performance. I got goosebumps from that because one of my favorite Taeyeon songs is “Fine” and I can’t believe she was there singing right in front of me.

She also performed “Playlist”, “What Do I Call You”, “To the Moon”, “Wildfire”, “My Tragedy”, “Better Babe”, “Four Seasons”, “Timeless”, and “I”.

Another highlight of the show is when Taeyeon shared the spotlight with her team, allowing the dancers and the band to show off their exceptional skills. Each dancer and band member had their solo moment with their names flashed on the big screens. SONES then cheered for them, recognizing their hard work and dedication.

Moreover, nearing the end of the concert, Taeyeon opened up about her emotions, revealing a vulnerable moment she experienced during rehearsal, “We were having a rehearsal a while ago and I suddenly felt lonely.” She expressed that the feeling of loneliness stemmed from the empty venue during her rehearsal. However, when she saw the SONES filling up the venue, she felt thankful and regretful for having such thoughts.

Before the encore, SONES were singing “Rain” by Taeyeon. The song choice couldn’t have been more fitting, as it relates to the current weather situation in some parts of the Philippines, where rain has been pouring for days. Taeyeon asked the fans why they were singing the hardest part of the song and praised the fans’ vocal skills saying, “I think It’s because you are my fans, that’s why you sing so well.” She then also joined the SONES in singing Rain.

For the encore, she performed “Spark” and “Ending Credits.” On the screens, the touching ending credits began to roll, offering heartfelt gratitude to all those who played a crucial role in bringing the concert to life. From the dedicated crew behind the scenes to the talented band members and dancers and of course the lovely SONES, each person received their well-deserved acknowledgment.

PH SONEs as well prepared a banner with the message “Our love for you is timeless, it won’t change and will last forever” written on it. Ahead of the concert they also gathered at SONEs Fanhub.

Thank you our beshie Taeyeon for fulfilling your promise and for creating beautiful and magical memories with us, we love you, until we meet again!

Big thanks as well to DNM Entertainment and In2une Entertainment for making this concert possible.

Written by Marilyn Banalo.

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