Lee Jong Suk, IU confirmed to be dating

While actor Lee Jong Suk’s acceptance speech is a hot topic, it has been rumored that IU is the main character that the actor was talking about.

On the 31st, entertainment media Dispatch reported that Lee Jong Suk and IU have been dating for four months and that they were spotted dating in Nagoya, Japan, last Christmas.

Lee Jong Suk and IU reportedly took a three-day vacation at a luxurious resort in Nagoya, Japan over the Christmas holiday. It is said that they were careful to meet by entering the country on separate dates.

On December 30, Lee Jong Suk shared that after completing his military service, he had many worries and fears. However, there was someone who helped him find a positive direction and encouraged him to think positively. He said that he wanted to use this opportunity to express his gratitude to that person for always being admirable and for being someone he has long admired and respected.

On December 31st, Lee Jong-suk’s agency, HighZium Studio, made an official announcement about the actor’s relationship with IU through a press release, according to Newsen.

Lee Jong-suk’s agency, HighZium Studio, announced on December 31st that the actor is in a relationship with IU. The agency stated that the two have recently progressed from a close colleague relationship to a romantic one and are currently in a serious relationship.

They said, “Lee Jong Suk and IU have recently started a serious romantic relationship after previously being close colleagues. We ask for your support as they continue their beautiful love.”

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