SM Ent to take legal action against the distributor of RIIZE’s Seunghan’s personal photos

SM Entertainment has officially declared their intention to pursue legal action against the unauthorized sharing and dissemination of private photos related to Seunghan, a member of RIIZE.

On the 30th, SM released an official statement stating, “We are currently gathering data regarding individuals who have shared pictures online via Kwangya 119 and conducting separate monitoring. Furthermore, we are closely monitoring those who engage in secondary actions, such as posting, distributing, or reproducing these images.”

The agency further announced they intend to file complaints against all instances where criminal activities are substantiated. Hence, they strongly advise everyone to exercise caution and refrain from any involvement in activities related to this incident that may be considered unlawful.

Meanwhile, Seunghan took to Instagram to pen a personal apology letter, expressing that he is deeply reflecting on his past actions and affirming his commitment to prioritizing RIIZE moving forward.

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