BTS V to appear in Running Man

BTS member V (Taehyung) is confirmed to appear in SBS Running Man.

Earlier today, a representative from ‘Running Man’ informed Korean media, “V completed filming on the 28th. The episode is scheduled to air on the 10th of the upcoming month.”

In October of the previous year, Jin, a fellow member of the group, made an appearance on ‘Running Man’ prior to his military enlistment. Now, V is also set to grace ‘Running Man,’ which has heightened fans’ anticipation.

Notably, during his appearance on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’, V was asked, “Is there someone you’ve ever envied, someone whose life you thought, ‘I want to live like that too’?” To this, he answered Yoo Jae Suk.

Meanwhile, V will release his first solo album ‘Layover’ on September 8.

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