“Na-miss ko kayo”: The Return of Jung Hae In in his 2023 Fanmeeting “The 10th Season” in Manila

The moment the “D.P.” actor walked out on stage, singing “Crazy” from the OST of the same drama, the bright crowd of PH Haeiness were ready (and also not) for what’s to come.

On this evening of August 6, 2023, there was a sea of young girls, young adults, mommies, titas, lolas, and even families together in the crowd. Who would’ve known that this actor can bring a diverse set of people together?

But we aren’t surprised as this night is none other than the 2023 Jung Hae In Fan Meeting in Manila “The 10th Season”. It was held at New Frontier Theater, and hosted by Sam Oh. Definitely a one-of-a-kind host for these kinds of events!

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With a proud smile, Jung Hae In greeted PH Haeiness “Magandang gabi!” with a touch of a shy “Na-miss ko kayo.”

In light of “The 10th Season”, this fanmeeting reflected the past 10 years of Jung Hae In’s impressive career. From dramas to films, there was a lot of talk about and get giddy over! 

For instance, one of the first segments is picking and answering fan questions through a post-it board, well after it fell down and got picked up. Someone asked about what age he’ll get married, to which he answered “Marry… plan is not yet because I want more acting.”

There was another cute question from a fan asking for a hug. He sweetly responded “I want to hug each and every one of you… greet each and every one of you.”

The host, Sam Oh, asked Jung Hae In about pursuing any romance dramas again soon. The actor does want to act in those kinds of projects again as his drama with Son Yejin  “Something in the Rain” is very popular. To end it, he tells PH Haeiness to “wait for me!”

Moving on to the next segment called “The 10th Season Photos”, we get to browse through various pictures of the actor over the years. A mix of his debut pictures and in Estonia, he kept mentioning that his thoughts in the latter set of photos were “I’m hungry.” Definitely got a laugh from his honesty!

There were exclusive photos that were only shown during the fanmeeting, so if you were there, best believe you’re lucky! Whether it be dressed in costumes, funny wigs, or stage makeup, you can see his bubbly, silly, and dedicated spirit through them!

To cap this off, photos of his trip in Scotland for an entertainment show were featured. He shared his love for whiskey, which some may have thought was very unlikely. But he subtly spoils that we’ll see the depth of his love for the alcoholic drink through that show! Best believe, we are #seated.

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Next on the list of segments in the fanmeeting is Hae In’s Museum, wherein we browse through old props and accessories from his dramas and films. There was a black cap he wore in “Snowdrop” and “Connect”, which is actually an item he wears in real life. But towards the end of the fanmeeting, he gave this cap to a lucky fan!

Alongside the black cap, there’s a victory beret from “D.P.”. You should’ve heard PH Haeiness’ reactions when asked if they wanted a season 3! Jung Hae In chuckles at the demand, adding that he wants to try other genres first before pursuing them.

From the victory cap, there’s the bandage from “Snowdrop” which he surprisingly threw to the crowd almost like a gift. It’s rather cute that he didn’t know why people liked that bandage so much… [insert that aid scene between Youngro and Suho]

Lastly, there was the eye patch from Connect. But it wasn’t given away because he doesn’t want PH Haeiness to struggle. As he was asked about his feelings looking through these props, he felt thankful for the fans and looks forward to working on new projects.

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And a follow-up question on which character was challenging to detach from? He chose Seo Joon Hee from “Something in the Rain” and also his next character on Veteran 2 to be released soon! 

Speaking of his projects, the next segment was centered on ranking their favorite scenes of the actor from his films and shows. There are 8 in total:

On number 8, it was from “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God or Goblin.” He played a young baseball player named Choi Tae Hee, the first love of the main female lead, Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go-eun). Number 7 is where “Prison Playbook ranked”, with Captain Yoo as his character.

Number 6 is the ranking for “Tune in for Love” as Cha Hyunwoo, the male lead alongside Kim Misoo (Kim Goeun once again). The scene that was shown was him running to Misoo, wherein the actor adds that he just kept running behind the scenes because the director didn’t give a “CUT!” sign. 

On number 5, we have “One Spring Night” as Yoo Jiho, a pharmacist and single dad who falls in love with a librarian named Lee Jeongin (Han Jimin). The scene shown here is Jiho on his knees apologizing to Jeongin, which actually garnered a lot of fame. In fact, Jung Hae In tried to do a sample upon PH Haeiness’ cheers! “I’m very confused.” The actor cutely said during this scene.

Photo screenshot from Viu Philippines

Number 4 is where “D.P.” places, wherein the opening scene of the entire show was on display. Jung Hae In shared that the Korean male audience watched this scene, it felt relatable to them as going to the military was mandatory.

Number 3 featured Jung Hae In as Han Wootak in “While You Were Sleeping”. The scene was well, quite bold. Cue the giggling. Flashed on the screen were his abs, alongside the male lead Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk). After it played, the crowd chanted “Take it off!” in unison.

As for number 2, the crowd can’t control their screams when Suho and Youngro (Jisoo from Blackpink) from “Snowdrop” played. It was a heartwrenching scene as Suho die in front of Youngro’s arms, signifying the end of the show. Jung Hae In shared how even after filming this scene, he couldn’t stop crying because of how immersed he was in acting.

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Last but not least, this show as number 1 must be a no-brainer for some of us. It’s none other than “Something in the Rain”, wherein Seo Joonhee was biking around Yoon Jinah (Seo Yejin). This clip shows one of many sweet moments between the fictional couple.

As this segment closes, Jung Hae In enchanted PH Haeinesss with his majestic vocals with “Memories More Than Love”, the actor’s favorite OST from “Snowdrop”. It was originally sung by Kevin Oh.

Back to the playfulness of Jung Hae In, he was tasked to play a game that was related to golf. For every time the ball hits the hole, the fans get a special phototime with special props. It was a challenge, even having Sam Oh “help” him out. But whenever he was successful, he’d choose props based on the fans’ interest and parade towards each corner and to the center.

There was also a segment wherein the actor read 3 lucky fan letters with varying topics. From tackling the lack of support from parents due to a career change, mental health, and love, you can feel the genuineness in his advice. Plus, those lucky girls took a special selca with him afterward on stage!

Before the show wraps up, there were more giveaways from Jung Hae In himself based on your seat number. Then he himself would hand it to you with an extra selca! The most heartwarming fan interaction was definitely a 78-year-old lola, who almost wanted to take in the actor as his own grandson! Same, lola. Same.

Final ments were exchanged, wherein Jung Hae In said himself that “Filipino fans are the best!” He was also still emotional from a video surprise from PH Haeiness.

And one last time, the program closed with a meaningful song “I Choose to Love You”. 
For sure, we will be choosing to love Jung Hae In for another 10 years and more!

The 2023 Jung Hae In Fan Meeting in Manila “The 10th Season” was presented by Viu Philippines and CDM Entertainment.

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