iKON takes flight at “Take Off” concert in Manila

The sky was clear as iKON successfully completed their “Take Off” concert in Manila last August 5 at Araneta Coliseum.

Before the fans take the ride to iKON’s concert they gathered at the fanzone located at Gateway 2. They exchange banners, photocards, stickers, and more. 

A span of more than four years had passed since iKON’s inaugural solo concert in the Philippines. Now, with more new songs, they made their return to Manila’s stage, presenting the eagerly anticipated “Take Off” concert.

KON members Bobby, Song, DK, Ju-Ne, and Chan strongly kicked off the concert with heartstopping performances of “Tantara,” Sinosijak,” “At Ease” and “Killing Me”. The crowd was captivated right from the start, and even before the concert began, the iKONICS had already begun demonstrating their unwavering support for the talented group.

With unstoppable momentum, iKON wasted no time and swiftly followed up with the energetic tracks “Rhythm Ta” and “Bling Bling.” The flight is not complete without iKON’s chart-topping anthem “Love Scenario” followed by “U”.

This concert was a true spectacle, featuring not only their captivating group performances but also shining a spotlight on the remarkable solo talents of each member. DK mesmerized the audience with his enthralling rendition of “Kiss Me,” while Ju-Ne captured hearts with his performance of “Want You Back.” The synergy between Bobby and Ju-Ne illuminated the stage during their dynamic collaboration on “Deep Night,” followed by Bobby’s solo, “HeartBROKEN PlaYBoy,” which left a lasting impact. And lastly, Song took center stage and electrified the crowd with his energetic performance of “Eurachacha.”  For Chan, he promised that he will have a solo performance for their next tour.

Transitioning back to their group performances, iKON reclaimed the stage with a series of hits, delivering powerful performances of “Why Why Why,” “Like A Movie,” “Goodbye Road,” and “What’s Wrong?”.

The next performance was expected to create a core memory for PH iKONICS. In their performance of “B-Day,” the PH iKONICS community demonstrated their unique way of celebrating. They distributed yellow cloths among the fans, which were joyfully waved in the air as iKON took the stage with the song. The audience was immersed in the moment, jumping, singing, and enjoying the night as the song played on. The set ended with “Freedom” with the crowd singing along with the group.

As the concert drew to a close, DK remarked that it was his first time seeing all of the people in the crowd partying with them. He also said that they will come back again to Manila as a complete group.  

For the encore, iKON performed “Driving Slowly,” “B-Day,” “Rhythm Ta,” “Love Scenario,” and “Tantara”.

iKON “Take Off” concert in Manila was presented by PULP Live World and Happee Hour.

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