Stay Gento: Cravity Brings Back the Heat in Stormy Manila

It’s been unpredictable these past few weeks in terms of the weather. Quite a parallel to how we couldn’t predict how thrilling South Korean boy group Cravity would be as they performed at the New Frontier Theater last August 5, 2023. Currently, they’re on their first world tour “Masterpiece”. 

Photo by Camille Yu

The moments the lights dimmed and the opening VCR played, you simply cannot deny the excitement rushing through the veins of their PH fans, or PH Luvitys, that’s best emitted through their cheers. Not to mention, their gorgeous lightsticks raised up in the air to add to their support for the group.

And if there’s one special thing about the Philippine concert scene, it’s the crowd that never disappoints. The moment the groovy nine-member boy group under Starship Entertainment stepped out on the stage, the reaction was impeccable. Nobody could get their eyes off the stage, afraid to miss a highlight from Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, and Seongmin as they strode on stage.

Photo by Camille Yu

The boys opened the show with “Get Lifted”, which matched the loudness of the crowd’s screams, pumping everyone up for the evening ahead. They kept the energy up and running with more stunner songs that elevated the mood, such as “Baddie” and “My Turn”. From their big formations to their smaller groups to create more elements within their choreography, they remain in sync with one another, which has everyone marveling at them. Plus, each member gets a moment to shine their skills to the PH Luvitys in every song!

Photo by Camille Yu

From those hits, they gave their opening greetings and hyped the crowd even more. Allen even shared how thrilled he was when Manila was a part of their tour destinations! 

Back to the adrenaline-rushing songs, they performed “Flip the Frame,” “Veni Vidi Vici,” “Bad Habits”, and “Gas Pedal.” Trust us; you’ll need a lotta water to keep your voices intact after!

Aligned and energetic with one another, more songs that showed their artistic skills are “Vivid”, “New Addiction”, and “Jumper”! 

From their regal-like outfits here, they switched the vibe with more colorful, lively clothes. It was a refreshing sight; singing tracks such as “Fly” and “Party Rock”. We super owe it to Allen for his splendid in-flight announcement in “Fly” right in the beginning!”

More cheerful tracks they performed include “Give Me Your Love”, “Maybe Baby”, “Ooh Aah” and “Boogie Woogie”!

In between, they interacted with the PH Luvitys through new phrases and words they learned such as “beshie” and “maganda”. But let’s not forget the choral “WALANG UUWI” from PH Luvitys! They even shared their foodie adventures (from Jollibee to pancit palabok) and danced the Gento by SB19 challenge.

Photo by Camille Yu

For the latter, the pairings were Hyeongjun & Seongmin (the Tiktok duo), and Serim & Allen dancing together. Quick shout out to Woobin for trying to catch up!

Also, let’s add in Jungmo asking the audience to stretch after all the sitting so far! And did you peep at Serim’s biceps? [eyes emojis] Yup, it’s hard not to look eyes with! We also love Seongmin’s cute attempt!

And speaking of Seongmin, PH Luvitys gave him an extra birthday celebration with flowers and cake! “Birthday na ni Seongmin! Get, get, aww!” as they tweaked from the iconic Sexbomb girls. If you listen carefully, you can hear Minhee greet him “Happy birthday, baby!”

Photo by Camille Yu

A few more vibrant tunes the boys performed that keep the energy up and running are “POW!” and “Groovy”. You can really see the contrast between their hard-hitting songs to their lighter, just vibin’ tunes.

As the show produced by DNM Entertainment eventually reached its end (but made up for numerous encore perks), the boys of Cravity found it challenging to part ways with their PH Luvitys. After all, it’s their first time here since their debut in 2020 (and only many more to go)!

Photo by Camille Yu

“Namiss ko kayo.” Taeyoung expressed as he watched the happy crowd.

To keep things a little playful, Serim asked if “Pogi ba ako?”. We’ll leave it to PH Luvitys to answer that!

Seongmin and Wonjin both shared the same sentiments with “Masaya ako!”

“Manila, you’re the best in the world!” Hyeongjun praised.

Allen tells the crowd to “Stay Gento!” while sharing how near Manila is to Korea and that tonight’s show was “just the start of Cravity in the Philippines.”

And to cap things off sweetly, Jungmoo meaningful tells PH Luvitys, “Mahal (ka) namin, Luvity!”

The first show of Cravity in Manila is only the beginning of over-the-chart energy in the years to come. The love of the group for their PH Luvitys and vice versa is genuine and heartfelt through their interactions and performances. It’s only a matter of time before the 9-member group shall return but on a bigger stage and with more enthusiastic tunes alongside their already-amazing discography.

CRAVITY “Masterpiece” in Manila was presented by DNM Entertainment and IN2UNE Entertainment.

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