Ripples For Hope: Fandoms celebrate friendship concert with AKMU, Everglow, and MOMOLAND

K-Pop is more than just listening to Korean music. K-Pop has become a part of our culture, sparking friendship across generations. It’s also includes the community where people can express their appreciation for their favorite Korean artists.

Last November 26, we witnessed for the first time the K-Pop friendship day and night event. It’s an event where different fandoms can interact and play games. A total of 19 fandoms with 12 teams join the event.

The following teams actively participated: BangKon (Bigbang + iKON), Team Seventeen, PINKDAY (Girl’s Day + APINK), Team NCT, Team EXO, Sone Ace, Not Shy Shy Shy (Twice + ITZY), MAYFLY (Stray Kids + ATEEZ + BTOB), ELFBUDDY (Super Junior + GFriend), Team Treasure, Oh My Bebe (Monsta X + Oh My Girl), and Winnercity.


The warm-up game was the classic “The Boat is Sinking,” which really highlighted the friendship between the fandoms. This is where the fandoms interacted with each other. The winners of this game received a special prize from Ms. Happee Sy.

Following that, the game officially started with the infamous ‘Red Light, Green Light’ lead by Little Happee. Each players have to do poses that Little Happee is doing. Just like traffic lights, if Little Happee say “Green Light” the players will move and when she says “Red Light” the players should stop or else they will be eliminated.

After ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game, Team Not Shy Shy Shy, and BangKon ruled the arena with 90 points. However, Oh My Bebe. Sone Ace, and Winnercity landed on the last spot with 20 points each.

On the second game “Team Jumping Rope”, Sone Ace got back on their selves and showed that they are Forever 1 as they managed to score 190 points in the game. Some teams were not able to score during this game. The second game concluded with Not Shy Shy Shy, and Sone Ace leading the game with 210 points each.

Next game was “Trip to Jerusalem,” the famous party game but K-Pop style. After the rounds. Team MayFly flew their way in Trip To Jerusalem earning 160 points. Team Not Shy Shy Shy is still leading the game after three games.

Before the semfinals, Team Oh My Bebe, Team Treasure, ElfBuddy, and Winnercity got eliminated.

For the semifinals, the groups got in an obstacle course. Team BangKon got back on their feet as they scored the fastes in the game.Unfortuantely, team EXO, Sone Ace, Not Shy Shy Shy, and MayFly got eliminated and they will not proceed on he next round.

The teams’ unity and strength were put to the test in the final game, “Tug of War”. Team BangKon ended the game with a bang. They dominated the 11 teams and they became the winner of the first ever Ripples For Hope K-Pop friendship day and night.

2nd Runner Up goes to Team Seventeen and 1st Runner up goes to team Seventeen. The winners will get tickets to any PULP show from December to May 2023,

Concert Night

Everglow was the first group to perform. They were welcomed by the warm cheers of Filipino fans. They opened their set with “LA DI DA” from their ‘-77.82x-78.29 EP. Followed by “Adios,” “Dun Dun”, and “Pirate”. The group also acknowledge that the event is really special as it was for celebrating friendship.

Before their last performance, the group personally awarded the ‘2nd Runner Up award’ to team Seventeen.

Following Everglow is MOMOLAND, they first performced “Yummy Yummy Love”. They also said they were sad that they were here in the Philippines for only a short time. MOMOLAND awarded the first runner up which is team PinkDay.

The girls also performed, “Ready or Not,” Wrap Me In Plastic,” “Boom Boom,” and “BAAM”.

Hail from YG Entertainment, AKMU also known as Akdong Musician concluded the night. Siblings Lee Chan Hyuk, and Lee Su Hyun showcased their vocals as they sing 11 songs.

They perfomed “Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes,” “Nakka”, “Dinosaur,” “How People Move,” “Don’t Cross Your Leggs,” “Love Loss,” “How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love,” “Last Goodbye.” They also performed their famous songs “Give Love,” and “200%” from their 2014 album “PLAY.”

They awarded the champion wich is Team BangKon. The duo ended their set with “Let’s Take Time.”

Ripples for Hope was presented by PULP Live World and Happee Sy.

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