Runnin’ High on Energy With Han Seung Woo in Manila

It was a sea of purple on August 20, 2023, at the SM North Edsa Skydome as Philippine HAN_A awaited their captain, Han Seung Woo.

Han Seung Woo, a member of the K-pop boy group VICTON dropped by Manila during his “Special Live One” Asia tour, which also happens to be the last stop.

He started the tour around Seoul in July 2023, then stopped by Bangkok, Tokyo. And, now Han Seung Woo has concluded his first solo concert in Manila.

As the lights dimmed and the fans screamed, Han Seung Woo in his tall glory sported a yellow and black ensemble as he opened the show with the energetic “INTRO” and groovy “Dive Into”. He then greets his Philippine HAN_As, even adding “Maganda kayong lahat!” to amp up the mood! He shares how his recent mini album “FRAME” reached number 1, and thanks his fans for making it possible.

As he prepares for the next song, which is revealed to be “Flutter” later on, he jokingly adds that this is a song he uses as an alarm. When in reality, he struggles to wake up to it. But hopefully, as the crowd anticipates, he raves that this song will wake everyone up! 

Spoiler alert: It did! Everyone’s hands were up as the vibes were immaculate thanks to this man’s beautiful vocals. He did a bit of dancing too, but understandable when the song is THAT good. 

He continues the mellow mood with “Child”, taking center stage with a pink microphone stand to match his sparkly mic. And if you listen really carefully, you might’ve heard him whisper “I love you” at the end.

When he was asked about his memorable time during the tour, he asked if Manila was his last stop. That’s because he wants to “do everything to make this last stop memorable”. 

He continued his performances with “Reply”, “Sacrifice”, “Runnin’ High”, and “I Just Wanna”. By this time, a lot of Philippine HAN_As were on their feet to jam out to the feel-good energy these songs bring out. He even adds that he came to Manila to give back the energy his fans have given him, only to be given more energy as well.

A rather cute give and take, right?

But that’s not all the cute moments from the show. 

“Pupulutin ko yung puso niyo pag nahulog.” HUY!

“Mahal niyo ba ako? Gwapo ba ako?” Who’s teaching him these words and why is the answer yes? 

More songs throughout the night were “Lovelorn” and “Burn”. Once again, people are standing up to sway, sing, and dance along with him. Even enjoying the night with their friends while watching him!

As the show reaches its eventual end, which felt rather quick for Han Seung Woo, he expresses his gratitude for every single person in the room. While a picture with fans was taken, a surprise VCR from his Philippine HAN_As started to play. You can really see and feel how much he and his fans cherish each other.

After his discharge from the military early this year, he got to work on creating a new album and reflecting upon his experiences. Both good and bad. And yet, “the me now is strong”. He reassures his Philippine HAN_As that he will continue to do his best.

“I love you, I value you, I cherish you” and “I will cheer for you too.” were some of his final words before ending the show on a fulfilling note, adding a “Salamat po, mahal ko kayo.” 

Han Seung Woo ends his Manila stop and his entire tour with “We Loved Each Other”.

This is definitely not the last time we’ll see this captain, and we can’t wait to meet again!

The 2023 Han Seung Woo Special Live in Manila was presented by makeitlive.

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