Hwang Min Hyun unveils endless charisma at his mini-concert in Manila

It’s not the first time Hwang Min Hyun has visited Manila for an event. In 2017 and 2018, he met Filipino fans as a member of the group Wanna One from the survival show ‘Produce 101.’ Subsequently, in 2019, he graced the Philippine concert scene once more, this time alongside his fellow NU’EST group members at the Araneta Coliseum. Last Sunday, Hwang Min Hyun returned to Manila as a solo artist, marking yet another exciting chapter in his journey.

While Hwang Min Hyun is recognized as a K-pop idol, he is also demonstrating his acting prowess in recent dramas such as ‘Alchemy of Souls’ and ‘My Lovely Liar.’ This further highlights the multifaceted talents that Hwang Min Hyun has yet to reveal about himself.

To kick off the mini-concert, Hwang Min Hyun took the stage and delivered a captivating performance of “Hidden Side,” the lead single from his album, “Truth or Lie.” His mesmerizing voice filled the entire theater, and the combination of this addictive song with Hwang Min Hyun’s sleek dance moves was nothing short of perfection.

Hwangdos’ in Manila were treated to a truly magical experience as Hwang Min Hyun graced the stage, delivering an enchanting performance of several of his songs, all for the very first time in this city. The setlist included “Honest,” “Earphones,” “So Beautiful,” “Tree,” “Perfect Type,” “Cube,” “Universe,” “Crossword,” and “Smile.” 

During the ment, Hwang Min Hyun took a moment to acknowledge the fans who were singing along with him.

In one of the segments where Min Hyun needed to guess a line and reenact scenes from his dramas, he admitted that his memory wasn’t that sharp, as he had forgotten some lines from his previous drama. As a penalty, he had to wear cute headbands. He also danced to Baekhyun’s “Betcha,” and NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy.”

The mini-concert allowed us to witness Hwang Min Hyun’s inner radiance. We were deeply moved by his incredible talent, leaving us eagerly anticipating his future performances in both the worlds of drama and music. We can’t wait to see him shine even more brightly in the days to come. Most importantly, we can’t wait for him to return to Manila once again.

Hwang Min Hyun’s Unveil mini-concert in Manila was presented by Pulp Live World and Happee Hour. 

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