HYBE terminates contract with Kim Garam

Kim Garam will leave Le Sserafim and HYBE/Source Music.

Hybe and Source Music said on the 20th, “We have decided to terminate our exclusive contract with Kim Garam,” adding, “We extend our sincerest apologies to our fans and to those who have shown love and support to the group for causing you concern over the controversy involving the member.”

Le Sserafim will continue as a five-member girl group in the future. The agency added, “We will spare no effort to support the group to grow further as artists through their music and performance.”

Kim Garam was revealed as the second debut member of Le Sserafim in April. However, right after the release, eyewitness accounts and past photos from school days poured out. Her alumni revealed Kim Garam’s past.

According to a report, In particular, the repercussions grew even more as alumni A complained, “I had a hard time due to the school violence of Kim Garam and her friends.” Kim Garam was actually punished by the school violence committee for a problem with A.

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