TRENDZ conveys sense of freedom and hopefulness in new album

Our lives are defined by our journeys. Just like how a journey isn’t always filled with sunshine and rainbows but sometimes there will be thunder and heavy rains, friends can be a source of support and comfort during the storms. And the people we meet along the way, like friends, can make these experiences more meaningful.

At times, it might appear that some individuals are blessed with the swiftness of their dreams’ manifestation. However, echoing the sentiments of TRENDZ’ title song ‘My Way,’ we are reminded that perseverance and carving our unique path are the most important. Success lies in continuously moving forward and creating our own way.

One Seoul alongside other media got the chance to ask TRENDZ some questions regarding their comeback. 

TRENDZ member Eunil shared some insights about their latest released when asked what are they bringing for this comeback. He shared that they decided to work with a concept related to dreaminess and youth.

 “We always try to make a comeback with a new concept every time. For this comeback, we dedicated significant thought and research to show something new to our audience. That’s when we came across the keywords “dreaminess” and “youth.” We decided to blend these concepts, add intensity and remarkable performances to shape our comeback.”

We asked them to share what they’ve discovered about themselves during the preparation for their album “Still On My Way.” Eunil revealed that he dedicated significant time to practice before each comeback and, during their hiatus, he concentrated on perfecting his high notes. He further expressed that this dedicated practice truly paid off, significantly elevating the album’s overall quality.

“As the main vocalist, I dedicate a lot of time to practice before each comeback. During our hiatus, I focused extensively on perfecting my high notes, and it turns out that our title track for this comeback has quite a few of them. All that practice really paid off, and I believe it significantly enhanced both the quality of the title song and the entire album.”

Their title song “My Way” is an emotional and motivational song that will inspire you to keep going and will remind you that it’s alright if you are still in the process of achieving something while being hopeful. TRENDZ member Havit conveyed a heartfelt message to fans who may be facing challenging times. He expressed their hope that their songs can infuse you with the energy and solace you seek. Additionally, they aspire for their music to not only uplift but also inspire individuals to strive for their best.

“In this album, we aimed to convey a sense of freedom and hopefulness that comes with youth. When you’re facing difficult times, we hope our songs can provide you with the energy and solace you need. Likewise, when you’re feeling great or dealing with worries, I hope our music can uplift you and inspire you to do better. We want to share our passion and energy with you through our music.”

Yoonwoo also shared, “This album aims to convey a message of hope and resilience. It encourages the idea that no matter what challenges life brings, if you keep moving forward, you can overcome them and achieve success. I hope our audience can resonate with this message and find strength and inspiration in our music, especially during difficult times.”

According to Yechan, “As the message of the album is very hopeful, urging the listeners to come with us, we aimed to convey a similar message in “MY WAY,” expressing our determination to overcome any difficulties or barriers that stand in our way. Therefore, we focused on writing lyrics that are very hopeful and optimistic.”

Some members also participated in producing and writing the album. They said that creating “My Way” was challenging since they wanted to convey a lot of emotions in a single song.

Eunil explained the challenging process, “Creating “MY WAY” was a challenging process because we aimed to convey a wide range of emotions within a single song. The intro had to capture a dreamy atmosphere, the pre-chorus needed to build and layer emotions, and the chorus had to be powerful to showcase our strength in dynamic performances. Balancing all of these elements within one song was very challenging.”

TRENDZ made their debut just last year, and the members have reflected on the changes they’ve experienced since their debut. They noted significant improvements in their teamwork and a strengthened sense of unity among the members. Furthermore, they expressed their collective aspiration to become a group that radiates a positive influence on others.

“As we progress in our careers as idols, I’ve noticed that our teamwork has improved significantly, and it feels like the team has become more unified. Through this growth, we aim to become a group that can positively influence others,” said ra.L,

When asked regarding their future projects, TRENDZ shared “We always strive to show something fresh and new to our fans and the public. So in our future projects, we will do our best to deliver the highest-quality music, showcasing improved versions of ourselves.

TRENDZ is like a refreshing breeze in the industry, offering a promise of enduring success. They’ve made it clear that they’re still on their journey, and we eagerly anticipate watching them shine even more brilliantly. HAVIT, LEON, YOONWOO, HANKOOK, ra.L, EUNIL, and YECHAN are all poised for the future that awaits them, and they are ready to embrace it with their FRIENDZ by their side.

WATCH TRENDZ(트렌드지) ‘MY WAY’ Official MV

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