Lee Dong Wook, Han Ji Eun, Wi Ha Joon confirmed to star in new OCN drama

Lee Dong Wook, Han Ji Eun, And Wi Ha Joon were confirmed to star in OCN’s upcoming drama.

The cast of the new OCN drama “Bad and Crazy” has been revealed.  Yoo Sun Dong directed and Kim Sae Bom wrote “Bad and Crazy,” and they previously collaborated on the OCN blockbuster drama “The Uncanny Counter.” It tells the story of a protagonist who has spent his whole life as a materialistic police investigator, but who transforms into a champion for justice and a fighter against police corruption when a secret identity known as “K” emerges within him.

Soo Yeol, a skilled but evil person who works as a senior inspector at a provincial police station, will be played by Lee Dong Wook. He is a materialistic investigator who voluntarily discards his face and pride in the face of achievement, and he is the best at shifting his attitude. His existence, however, grinds to a halt when the letter “K” enters in his life.

Moreover, Wi Ha Joon will play K, one of the many identities that Soo Yeol holds. K is an enthusiast for justice, and he will fight injustice with his fists. He aspires to be the final hero of this period, the light in a dark world filled with misconducts.

Han Ji Eun will play Hee Kyeom, a police lieutenant in a provincial police station’s narcotics investigation squad. She hails from an affluent family and has an excellent education, yet she is the family’s “black sheep.” She also has a habit of going head to head with Soo Yeol.

The drama will air in December 2021.

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