Running Man ‘A Decade of Laughter’ Tour: A Must-See Event for Hallyu Fans in the Philippines

On April 1, 2023, Mall of Asia Arena will be filled with excitement and anticipation as the cast of Running Man arrives in Manila for their ‘A Decade of Laughter’ Tour. After three years of waiting, PULP Live World is finally bringing the most anticipated show of the decade to the Philippines.

For over a decade, Running Man has been entertaining viewers with its outstanding comedic acts and games that have taken fans to different spots across Korea and other countries. The show started as an “urban action variety” TV genre with physical and mental games that took place in an urban environment. However, it quickly became famous for its various games that are undeniably hyped and replicated by fans worldwide.

Headlined by Korea’s renowned MC Yu Jae Seok, comedian Jee Seok Jin, singer and actor Kim Jong Kook, actress Song Ji Hyo, singer and MC Haha, comedian and MC Yang Se Chan, and actress Jeon So Min, the show’s individuality and different quirks add flavor to the show which most viewers love. With over 500 episodes, Running Man has adapted to the trends throughout the years.

The segments of the show have highlighted Korean culture and tourism, but it has also incorporated global culture and inspiration into its format. With episodes inspired by Hollywood films and touring across Asia, Running Man is considered a global TV phenomenon that encapsulates worldwide cultures into a grand variety show.

Now, as they embark on a new mission to meet their Filipino fans, Running Man casts are beyond delighted to showcase all the things they have prepared for the PH Runners. All attendees can highly expect a sensational experience that they will for sure remember for the rest of their lives. Look forward to extremely fun games, awesome performances, and activities that you can only experience outside your screens.

If you’re a fan of Running Man or Hallyu culture, this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss. Get ready to laugh, play games, and make memories that will last a lifetime with Running Man in Manila!

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